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Monday, December 19, 2011

Cliff Hangers throughout your Book

As a writer you always wonder how people will accept your book?  What the reader is thinking when they begin reading it?  If they download the 30% for free, where does it leave off at?  Will that entice them to purchase the book and keep reading?
I know I could download the 30% and read it for myself to see where it leaves off, but I have never done that with either of my first two novels.
The answers to these questions ultimately will determine our success as writers.  As my last post dealt with where to end your chapters to entice readers to start the next chapter and continue reading the book, I thought I would share a personal experience that happened this morning.
This morning a driver who works for my company said he downloaded the free thirty percent and began reading "No Rules Of Engagement" last night.  He said it ended at a Cliff Hanger spot, which I assure you that was completely coincidental!  He further explained how he went back to the web site and purchased the book to find out what happened next.  He said he got back to the spot where it left off and began reading again and couldn't put the book down.  He finally had to because he had to get some sleep because he had to work today.
Very rarely do I get such direct and immediate feedback from the readers of my book.  I have heard from Phillip Woody who has been following along with the rough draft of the sequel in order to come up with a Title for it, he says that so far at just before halfway through the sequel I have surpassed the first novel.  I am very excited about the feedback from both books, the one that's out there slowly getting discovered and that the sequel will not disappoint those who invest their money and time in trying my books.
To the aspiring authors who are following along with my blog posts, keep writing!
God Bless, and Have a Great Day.


J.L. Murphey said...

Okay so when can I see it?

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