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Friday, December 9, 2011

Write Your Book

I was so excited when I finished my first book "Whisper."  That I had actually finished it, I did edit it, but it could have been done more thoroughly.
When I finished my Second book, "No Rules Of Engagement" I was even more excited, because it was over twice the length of "Whisper", edited much better, and had actually been completely re-written just prior and while going through the editing process.  I didn't want to have just wrote one book.  I was afraid something would happen that would deter me from finishing or writing anymore.  I just really have a connection to this story.  I get excited every time I read it, or go over parts of it.
Instead of being deterred, I have been inspired.  My first novel is selling!  Each month the number of sales goes up from the previous month, what more could an author hope for.  The reviews of "No Rules Of Engagement" have frankly been beyond belief.  I have been humbled and inspired to keep writing with a new determination to make each book better than the previous one.  When you're getting reviews of five out of five stars that sets the bar rather high.
I am currently writing the sequels to both.  Initially I start writing the sequel to "Whisper" first and then switched over to the sequel to "No Rules Of Engagement".  I keep telling myself if and when I get stuck I will hop back over to the other one.  I haven't gotten stuck yet.
I am getting so excited for the sequel of "No Rules Of Engagement" because plot, story and character development already have surpassed the first book.  I am getting helpful advice and suggestions from my small group of Beta readers for the re-write phase of the book.  (I have two Beta Readers.  I am still interested in getting about eight more before I hit the big time.  So if you have read NROE and are interested in reading the rough draft of the sequel for the price of providing feedback, questions, things that might not be clear, what you like or don't like about it.  Let Me Know.  So far the biggest bitch from my Beta Readers is that I don't write fast enough and they want the next chapter, NOW!)
As far as the sequels go I am also reading English books and trying to bring my level of English skills up from non-existent to somebody who knows something about the only language I read and write in.  Positive point is my skills are so lacking anything I learn is major advance in the right direction.  Un-Positive point, I don't know Jack about English!  So the biggest hurdle for the next books will be to bring my English proficiency up to at least PAR and Edit the Hell out of it.  I pray my Editor doesn't drop my ignorant butt before we get through with this one.
Have you ever wanted to write a book in your life?  Do it!  Look at this blog, and the size of the posts.  Each is generally about a page to a little more.  Every day write something.  Write what you're passionate about, write what you know, what you think about, what you day dream about.  It all adds up.
Then read through Smashwords Style Guide as to how to Format your book for publication.  Follow the step by step advice in the style guide and get it ready.  I suggest this first because it is more user friendly than Amazons system.  If you get it to where it passes the requirements to be uploaded correctly for Smashwords it only needs slight alterations to be ready for Amazon!  Download it your book, wait to see if it makes it through the "Meat Grinder" and then check out the different versions.
Congratulations if you make it to that point because at that point you are a published Author and you did it all by yourself.
Those interested in becoming Beta Readers feel free to E-mail me at  You will have to have read my first two books before I will consider you for reading the rough drafts of the sequels.

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