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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

E-Readers, Writers, and Reading

I did an awful lot of research about how to publish a book as I spent the better part of a year writing the rough drafts of my first two novels.  ('Whisper' and 'No Rules of Engagement')

To write a book is a major accomplishment and don't let anybody ever tell you any different.  Does it seem as if everybody is writing a book?  Well it might!  There is an explosion of stuff being written and published at this time.  Why?  Because we can!!! 

Since printing presses were created and jobs formed into norms of the industry, such as Publisher, Editor, Proof Reader, Literary Agent, Etc. these people have controlled what got printed and what did not.  Honestly I hate to think of the master pieces that didn't get published that should have and some of the crap that sits in libraries and doesn't get checked out to be read for free.  Today because of amazing web sites like anybody can publish their original work and let it stand on it's feet or just hang out there like some library books.  The shackles have been lifted off and the world set free to write and publish what their hearts desire.

So if you ever wanted to write a book.  If you have written a book.  Get it edited, rewritten and make it as polished as you can, and then publish it!  A lot of people are publishing stuff, that is for sure.  Time and what people buy and don't buy will tell the story.  I can tell you from personal experience that to be a published author is a great feeling!  Having your book sell is a better feeling.

Now of course E-books require a computer, an E-reader, or a phone capable of running a e-reader app.  As these are getting more prolific in time they will show up all over the place.  I actually foresee other better, more ingenious devices devised that will do more than what our current techno gadgets are capable of.  These will be able to store and support books also.  The day is coming where you will be able to read what ever you want where ever you happen to be at.  When that day comes it will be great because people will need favorite authors to write the books they can't wait to get their hands on.  Our Books!

With the growth of the e-reading market, the explosion of stuff being published, I foresee and predict an explosion in reading in the near future.  The knowledge level of humans across the planet will increase leading to new technology, new inventions, and hopefully a better brave new world.  I really pray that with technology and people sharing ideas and communicating that people can solve problems and work out ways around warfare of power broker people and governments.  That The People can be more intelligent than our predecessors on this planet, before those in power shut down our communicating with each other because it threatens their bases of power.  Sharing ideas, technology, and people helping people to feed, clothe, and provide shelter for everyone.  I am not talking about communism vs. capitalism, I am talking about people of the world acting and working together outside the constraints of governments, ideologies, religious beliefs, or political parties.  I know!  Scary stuff.  If we all read, and write enough, and get smart enough as a whole, the people, we won't have to be slaves to the so called leadership or establishment anymore than it happens to be a flag we live under, but that we are above.

If you have not read 'Whisper' yet, please give it a try.  It is a quick, action, thriller that involves technology, time travel, a Navy ship, and a guy and a girl.  What more would you want?  It's only .99 Cents.


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