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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Curve Balls and Escapes

Lately in my life and events related to me by friends about their lives or people they know, it seems the world is losing its ever loving mind.
In baseball there is a pitch that is referred to as the curve ball.  It comes in straight and hot like a fast ball but just before it hits the plate it surpasses a critical point between speed a rotation and its path will curve.  If done properly it is extremely hard to hit this ball.  It is designed and executed to get a batter swing at what will end up being a ball if they don't swing.
Life throws curve balls!  Events and situations designed to get you to swing and when you do there is nothing there.  The result is a strike for what would have been a ball.
Everybody I know escapes in one form or another from time to time.  It is the method of our escape that has the potential to benefit your life or detract from your life.  Some methods of escape are movies or television shows and totally neutral.  They don't harm or benefit you except for being an escape from your situation for just a few minutes.  Escapes like drugs or alcohol can have devastating results in your life.
I suggest escaping by reading a book.  Good or bad it can be an effective escape, and it is practice reading.  The more you read the faster and better you get at it.  With the right book you can entertain yourself, learn something, and get a great escape.  What I like about books is they seem to stay with us longer than shows or movies.  It is almost as if the author shared more than just a story with you, it takes a while to get through, and last much longer.  You can share it with a friend when you're done.
As far as Cancer, Suicide, Having Babies, Firing People, Getting Fired, Hiring Someone, Getting in a Wreck, Losing a Loved One, or just having to put up with your family, ­­­ Its been a crazy week!  ASSUME IT'S A CURVE BALL!!  Let it pass right by you, and don't swing just because life threw something at you.  It may end up being a strike, which is exactly what it would be if you swung, nothing invested, nothing lost.  It could be a Ball!  Three more you get take a walk and take your base!
Don't get me wrong I am not being apathetic, there are times when you have to step up to the plate like the BABE and swing like never before, that's the only way you will ever get a home run.  I'm just saying on some of life's crap, just let it pass, take a little (Book) escape, put that smile on your face and wait for the next one.  Take a walk and take your base.
For those of you who are bat throwers, I'll deal with you during another post!


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