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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

James Rollins - Devil Colony Released

James Rollins Newest Sigma Force Book just released and as usual my best friend and greatest fan, Phillip Woody, who feels every aspect of life is a competition when it come to me, and as usual it's a race to see who can reach the end of the book first.  He will probably win as I actually have a real job and he is an outside salesman and can go park somewhere and just spend the day reading the book and drinking energy drinks!  My only chance is life actually throwing him some curve balls so he can't park and read, because I still read faster than he does.

Oh I'm taking the day off from blogging and editing my book to read this book and to try and beat my friend.  I don't understand his need to compete at everything, but since he does, I have to play also, it's a flaw in both of our nature.


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