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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In My Minds Eye - a comment left about my post.

Kevin is a close friend and inspiration to me, so when he left a comment on on my post I wanted to post it so it appear and everybody can see it.  Thank You Kevin.

In My Minds Eye said...

This one made me cry. Vivid picture in my mind of those times and how blessed I am to be living in this generation, however; saddens me too, agreeing wholeheartedly with your comments "when I see shades of the early Nazi party in one of the current political parties of this country." Does make me angry!. God Help me to stand together with my fellow Americans and say "Enough is enough!" We DO need to get tough and not let things get so far away from us that our children will have to try and stop what we blatantly ignored.
Blessings to you Tom! Keep up the great writing! You're number one Fan!!! Kev


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