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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Time Travel Part Two

I pray that if mankind ever does figure out how to travel forwards and backwards in time that they use some fore thought into the process before they start jumping around changing things.  There are so many unanswered questions about possible scenarios concerning time travel that it makes it a very difficult subject very quickly.
Because of all the unanswered questions and logic traps, the possibilities in dealing with different elements of time travel make it a wonderful vehicle for Science Fiction writing.
If you had a time machine at your disposal, where or when would you go?  Would you try and use it to get rich?  To find out where you end up in the future?  Would you try and give yourself some great advice in the past?
I have read about people using them to go back in time to start over.  To go back in time to witness particular events in history to see what really happened.  But that begs the question, what do you do if you go back in time and witness an event that is totally different than what was recorded in the history books?  What do you do?  Return to your time and start yelling from the roof tops what the truth is.  Who would believe you?  What if what you witnessed was true but the result of everybody knowing the truth would turn our present day inside out?  Would you keep it a secret?  Would you try and reveal the truth?
What if you used the time machine to escape our time and technology and go way back before recorded history, and when you get there it's inhabited by another race of beings?  What if they have more technology than we have and you show up just in time to watch them annihilate each other?  What if what's going on back then makes our times look mild by comparison?
I frankly like the idea of using a time machine as a historical research device to answer questions about history and there are a bunch of them?
Who actually had John F. Kennedy killed?
Who pulled the trigger?
Who really invented the telephone first?
Who landed in America First?
Was Jesus Christ really crucified?  Or was his death faked in order to start a new religion by the Apostle Paul?
Was Jesus married to Mary Magdalene?
Was it Jesus' wedding where they ran out of wine?
What happened to the other written records of the other apostles?  There were 12 apostles and Jesus, and we have only four recorded Testaments Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Where are the other testaments written by the apostles?
Was there a written testament written by Jesus Christ himself?
Why is the Gospel of John different than the other three in the bible?
Who was Joseph of Arimathea?
What's the truth about the Holy Grail?
Was the shroud of Turin from Jesus or Jacques de Molay?
Who was Enoch and did God take him to heaven?
Where is Alexander the Great buried at?
Where is Genghis Khan buried at?
If Jesus has living descendants on earth today, and has had for the past 2011 years, did the Roman Catholic Church try and eliminate the royal family in France at one point in history?
Who tipped off the Knights Templars who had one weekend to unload their secret cargo from a castle onto a fleet of ships and escape the wrath of France and the Roman Catholic Church?
What was the secret cargo that took sixteen ships to carry to Scotland?
What contact has Earthlings had with aliens in and around our planet that has been kept from us all these years?
What really happened in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947?
Did aviators see UFO's during World War II?
Did the Apollo Astronauts see UFO's during their subsequent trips to the moon?
What was the actual date of the Exodus in the Bible?
Who all knew that the Japanese were going to bomb Pearl Harbor prior to the morning of December 7th?
Whose decision was it to send the carriers out of Pearl Harbor before the attack?
Who sabotaged the Zeppelin Hindenburg?
If you went back in time and witnessed what really happened at a particular point in history and then returned to your present time.  How could you be sure you witnessed what happened in your history's timeline and not some alternate parallel universe with a different history?  How could you be sure you returned to your exact present history and not some parallel universe's present history that had a slightly different past?  As I have said we have way too many questions.
How do we know somebody hasn't already went through and changed things and we are living in a changed future because someone has altered our past?  We don't know for sure.
The questions in this post are strictly meant to cause people to think and question things.  If you have other questions you would search for answers for please leave a comment and share.  These questions do not in any way reflect my true beliefs or disbeliefs in science or religious matters.  I know what I believe and why.  Do you?  I honestly researched some conspiracy theorists questions in order to ask questions people are skeptical about.


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