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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer colds and Tooting

I have the remnants of a cold I had last week.  I keep thinking I'm feeling better and then wake up to a day like today were I'm stuffy as if I have the flu.  You still have to get up and go do all the wonderful things you need to do.  I think part of it is allergies on top of a sinus infection and an ear infection, but I am not a doctor and don't like or believe in doctors anymore (it a personal choice), so I will suffer and let my body kick this.  I used to believe in doctors and medicine until I got old enough to realize it's a business and a racket, otherwise medicine would be free and doctors would still do house calls.
If they had the cure for the common cold, my reoccurring ear infections, or Cancer they wouldn't release it because there is too much money to be made in selling drugs and treating the symptoms than there is in curing it.  Doctors don't care if you get better as it is more profitable to have you come back every month and let the insurance companies, drug companies and the doctors all get their piece of your hard earned money which you need to afford gas, cell phone bills and the ultimate cable package.  Which don't get me started on Television!
When I was a kid we had three channels, and most of the time we played outside, I don't remember there being an obesity problem and we drank the shit out of Kool Aid loaded with sugar all day long.  Now there are hundreds of channels and nothing worth a shit to watch most of the time and kids hardly ever play outside and run around and now I hear that Kool Aid isn't good for kids because it has too much sugar!  It wouldn't matter if they are running their butts off playing all day!
Feeling better already, all I needed was a good Rant!
Anyway . . .
At the end of May a wonderful website I am signed up with announced that it was going to start featuring a new author everyday starting in June.  They sent out some questions for the authors to answer for their interviews and so I took one of my evenings and answered all the questions and sent it back.  I was notified Monday that I will be the featured Author on this website on June 19th which is a Sunday!  The website is called Indie Book Lounge and it is for Independent Authors to get together and help each other, network, and help each other spread the word and promote their books!
I will post my interview questions and answers here at a later time, but those who follow my blog may want to check them out and get the inside scoop on the new upcoming authors of the publishing revolution known as Indie Authors!!
Is it tooting your own horn if you post something somebody else wrote about you, to you?
Toot Toot, I don't feel good and this the best pick me up as I have got, Toot!
Anyway a long time friend and the person who held my position at my day job before I took it over read my first book and wrote me a wonderful E-mail and I wanted to share it with my readers who have been following along on my adventures in trying to become an author.  Since I started this I think one of the biggest things authors have to deal with is the question of whether their writing is really good.  Is it engaging?  Fun for the reader?  Exciting?  So when we get reviews done of our work or receive pieces of praise it helps us validate all the time and effort that went into our work over many months.  It helps us keep plowing away with our next project knowing someday we will make it to the end of it and publish yet another.  When we want to build a following and know that person by person over many months they have several people who are actually waiting for that next book to come out to pounce on it.
I brag about James Rollins all the time and I am impatiently waiting for Devil Colony to come out in three hundred and twenty six hours!!  I can't wait until people are as baited for my next masterpiece to hit the market.  I am getting there with my friend Mike I am at a total of three diehard fans waiting for "No Rules Of Engagement" to be published.  I am biased but it makes my first book look like crap by comparison, but I had to start somewhere.  The following is what my friend wrote about my book.

I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you about your book.  As you know I downloaded your book a while back.  I had about three books in line to read before I got to yours.  I am in Wichita on business but finally sat down last night to begin reading “Whisper”.  Once I began I could not put it down and read the entire book.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and because of this I would immediately buy another book by this author…do you have another book available?  If so how do I get it?  I am not a science fiction fan per say so I probably would never have picked this book off of a store shelf but I absolutely enjoyed it.  As I said I began reading last night and couldn’t put it down until I was finished.  Congratulations and job well done!!

Mike Crouch
T3 Dealer Development Manager
Tire Centers, LLC.

Thank You Mike.  I am feverishly working every evening on finishing my second book.  The target date is September 11, 2011.  I picked that day because it happened to be the birthday of the main character in the book.
Again for anybody stumbling across my blog and has not read "Whisper" you can find it at:
Times are tough and I still need exposure more than money so if you E-mail me at and say "I would love to read your book," I will reply with a CODE to use at check out to download the book for free at Smashwords dot com.


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