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Friday, June 3, 2011

Time Travel Part Three

I have the USS Whisper transported back into time to the year 1800 in my first book.  They have to make subsequent jumps through time into the future while trying to get back to their own time.
In my second novel, which I am in the final stages of rewriting and editing, Aliens who have enlisted Earths help to protect their world from another group of invading aliens use time travel to go back in time to enlist Earth's help so by the time they get there it will be before the initial invasion.  It is exciting and fun playing around with time travel even in a fictional sense.  The problems and questions that arise amaze me all the time.
If time travel where a scientific reality what rules should we impose on it?
1.  Do not mess with in any capacity what so ever.  Outlaw it entirely with the penalty of death if even caught messing around with related technology.
2.  To be used strictly for historical research under the strictest guidelines and controls.
3.  Used for Historical Reconstruction.
Historical Reconstruction – to purposefully go back in time to change things for the betterment of all mankind.
Of course even with a definition such as this it would depend on who was controlling said research and reconstruction as to what might be changed.
If the Germans were using the technology they might deem it important that they should have won the Second World War and the Nazi Party Rules the planet for the betterment of all mankind.
Or the Japanese could control the technology and feel it was over zealous of the United States to drop two nuclear warheads on their island and they go back and change things so that they would win World War Two and control the planet for the betterment of mankind.
Or maybe the French and they go back in time and help Napoleon conquer and hold the world so that France is the predominant World Power.
Or the Chinese and they change things so that they dominate the world and provide a fair communistic society utopia where the word freedom doesn't exist.
You can quickly see the inherent problem with this scenario.  The idea of what is good for mankind as a whole largely depends upon which subgroup of mankind you belong to and their particular belief systems as far as what is right and wrong, and what would be fair.
Lastly and more than likely the primary result of time travel would be for individual use or use by a private select group for control, wealth, and power to collectively and secretly control the masses of the earth without their knowing they are being manipulated, exploited and controlled by this group.  I know that is dark and rings of conspiracy theory mantras but alas I am a Science Fiction writer and these kind of stories which raise skepticism, fear, and distrust make wonderful plots for our bad guys and reasons for the good guys to keep secretly and covertly fighting against the dark regime.
I encourage those who have ideas of how they would use a time machine for good or evil to share with us by leaving a comment on my post.
As it is quickly approaching summer and many of us are planning get a ways and vacations, and for a lot of us that means relaxation and reading time, I would like to suggest some great books to make your summer reading more exciting than any vacation you may take.
The following two books are by my editor and literary angel Jo Murphey.
Escape From Second Eden
The Sacrificial Lamb      You can find links to both of her books on the left hand side of her blog.
I also highly recommend any and all of James Rollins books, especially his Sigma Force Series of which the Seventh novel in that series will be released June 21st.
His blog site is
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At either site just search by Whisper by Thomas Wilson.
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If you do read or have read any these titles please go to your favorite retail website and write a review of the book.  This greatly helps authors gain momentum and placement in the search engines and makes it easier for our books to be found by others.  Most importantly tell all your friends and family, twitter about them, post on facebook about the great book you just read.  Nothing powers book sales faster and stronger than good old word of mouth by the intelligent people who read instead of the other distractions which are currently poisoning the world.  Namely video games and television.


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