Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Skeleton Key By James Rollins

This is the review I wrote on Goodreads dot com about the e-book teaser that James Rollins wrote for his newest book 'Devil Colony'
I can't believe it has been so long since the last Sigma Force book. But as Writers and Publishers all know the reasons series books are so popular is that it is refreshing to start a new book with characters from past stories and it is almost like catching up with long lost friends.

James Rollins is a terrific writer! If I ever get half as successful as he is through my writing I will have been blessed beyond my belief.

This was an E-book teaser to lead up to the beginning of his newest novel which is to be released this month. If you haven't read any of his Sigma Force Novels I would highly suggest any and ALL of them!!!

I didn't rate it 5 stars because I have read every thing I know of the Mr. Rollins has written and his work gets better and better. One of the primary reasons I idolize his work. As a prolific reader before I became a writer myself I have seen too many writers create new stories with the same format as their previous works. Many more who just rise to a successful level and remain there. Mr. Rollins through his research, descriptions, building of suspense, and imagination continually pushes his own high standards higher with each successive work. I imagine it will get harder and harder to top his previous works, but if anybody can, He will!! That's why the fifth star is not marked because I know he will hit that level. As I have graded books rather harshly it is because of the fine literature and works I had the pleasure of reading over the years, that I know good writing when I read it.
The Devil Colony comes out June 21st of this year.  I hope that my own writing eventually will be as imaginative, creative, extremely well researched, and as well written as James Rollins works.  Having written two books, E-published my first one in January of this year, and editing and rewriting my second novel to be e-published later this year, hopefully by September 11.  I know what work it takes to finish, polish, check and double check and then check again every facet of your work.  It makes me really appreciate exquisite writing all the more after having walked in the footsteps of a writer these many months.


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