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Friday, February 10, 2012

Who Are You?

With the multitude of social media outlets available for people to participate in to connect with other people of similar interests and likes and people connecting with thousands of other people they normally wouldn't have any contact with, it begs the question, Who ARE You?
From wanting to get to know the people you have connected with through the constraints placed on each different social media site, to letting them get to know you.  I want to get to know some of these people more deeply than a tweet or reading status updates.  Everybody has something special they can share, contribute, comment about, or even just brag 'Look what I can do'.  I want to know who the artists are, writers are, motorcycle enthusiasts, and parents are.  Just like with reading books, we all are not going to like the same things.  We all are not going to like the same people.
I follow two blogs that I personally find rather tasteless trash.  Why?  One because it is mind boggling to realize there is a huge following for one of them, and I am curious to what is attracting everybody.  The other one I follow because the writer has the freedom to not censor themselves in any way, take or leave it, and some of the stuff is so wrong but dreadfully true, down to earth, just it's the stuff you would never verbalize!  I catch myself laughing out loud reading the posts.  I'm like, "Damn, they really went there!  Wrote it down and posted it!  OMG!"
I argue with myself daily about self-censorship.  My reality isn't the same as everybody else's.  Your reality isn't the same as everybody else's.  We are all different.  Our perception of us, our views of the world, of history, of work ethics, how fair life is, how good or bad the world is, it's all different!  Each person's perceptions are based off of where they live, what they have learned, how old they are, what they have experienced, and so many differing factors.  I censor myself to a degree, because I don't want to alienate any particular group.  I cuss!  I try not to daily.  My wife gets on me about it all the time.
Personally I don't think you can accurately say "That is a bad word."  Word's can't be bad, they are words.  There are words that are not socially acceptable in particular places but there are places and situations where those same words are extremely effective when used in the right place and correct context. 
I really do want to know who all these people are.  Who does what?  Where do they live?  What's it like where they live?  What people feel passionate about?  Are they dog, cat or bird people?
I was asked in an interview if there was any one character from one of my books that was like me.  In my first book "Whisper" Captain Wiley Randolph is the type of person I would like to be.  The character Russell Reynolds from the same book would be the closest facsimile to the type of person I really am.  Probably the closest you get to seeing something I would do is when Russell accidently fires off a missile off the deck of the Whisper.  Instead of being scared that he could have just blown himself up, his reaction is excitement he didn't blow himself up and he is ready to try again because he knows what he did wrong the first time.
This day in age is also great because never before in history have we been able to get as close to our favorite authors and artists of different sorts than we can today.  By following a blog, going to their web site, connecting with them on various social outlets you can really get an idea or feel for what kind of person you think they might be.  You may still not like them face to face, or be able to be buddies with them on a regular basis.  Then again you might!
I am socially awkward at best.  I have trouble filtering what I say, verbally.  Anti-social to most of the world face to face except for a small handful of people I let in to my world that I might speak with or eat with.  Day to day, I do almost the same thing every day at the same time.  My life has very little excitement, variation or change and I like it that way.  I am happy and having fun living my life and feel that's the most we can hope for in life, Being Happy and having Fun.  I think my books are so out there, because I am learning to live vicariously through my writing in contrast to my normal very boring life.  (I don't feel it's boring, people tell me they couldn't be this way because it's boring.)
I've only been active on social sites and posting to this blog since I published my first book.  I feel a certain freedom in socializing on-line even though it's limited to well you can get know somebody.  I don't feel I come across as awkward on-line as I do in real life.  I can generally express myself much better and censored through the written word than I do in person.  Of course with this medium you don't get to see the hand movements and gestures, or when I get excited about something – the passion of my feelings about an idea, topic, or story and how it just envelopes me.  I can be a very excitable person.  The lack of censorship or filtering comes through from the over flowing of emotions about – Hell it could be anything depending on the person I am talking with or the subject of the moment. 
If you happen to read this post to this point – Please take a moment and leave a comment and share something!  Who Are You?  What do you do?  Let me know why you are special!
You are!  We all are special in some way!  Where do you live!  Brag about something you have done!
If I am not connected with you in some way leave a link to a social site or E-mail me at and Say, "Howdy!  This is so and so . . . and tell me who you are!"
You may feel free to follow this blog, it isn't an obligation to read every bit of dribble I may write, but it should alert you to new posts in one way or another and when something catches your attention then you can share.  If you don't have time to comment, then come back or e-mail me when you get a chance and share.  Because I really want to know, Who YOU Are!
May God Bless You, with happiness and some fun everyday!


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