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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Post It Note Screen Saver APP

I have in my Bio that I should have been an Engineer.  I state this for numerous reasons:
1.  It probably most accurately describes me as the type of person I am.  I get ideas that just amaze, amuse and befuddle me at the most random times and places.  I generally always carry something to write on and a pen with me whereever I go.  Still have to work out a plan for taking notes in the shower – I've had more ideas born and lost with the hot water and suds because I couldn't remember them by the time I got out, dressed and ready to go.  Maybe a grease pencil would write on the tiles, but then I would be stuck cleaning the shower all the time.
2.  I'm great at spatial relations whether it is re-organizing the furniture in a room in my mind before I start physically moving the furniture, to solving puzzles involving shapes or conceptualizing 3D shapes of objects I might dream up to be designed.
3.  I once took a career pre-placement test in college and it came up with twenty-two types of engineering fields for career options.
4.  I can figure out how pieces of equipment fit and work together by looking at them.  I generally notice the subtle nuisances of a products design that were included for the purpose of a machine to utilize during the manufacture or post manufacture process of the product development.
These natural tendencies of mine cause me to appear as if I am staring at some uninteresting object as if I expect it to move or do something unexpected.  Generally it is just me turning it around in my mind and solving some question of curiosity as to why an element of it was made in that particular shape, or why a notch or groove was incorporated into the design.  I marvel at tons of little things every day that go virtually unnoticed by the rest of the world.
I in turn come up with tons of ideas every week for myriads of products or services that could be provided if only someone would develop this or that or change an element on an existing product.  Some ideas are silly and garbage, some are just downright funny.  Sometimes they are monstrous in their scope of design, implementation and final use and life cycle of the product, i.e. my vacuum airship ideas.
Today's inspiration comes from the fact that even with all the little note taking things for cell phones, pads, and computers, I still see Post It notes stuck to the side of computer monitors!
If a computer programmer or APP Designer made a program that you could quickly and easily make a note within and then your phone, pad or computer could display it as an icon or sorts on the side of the display so it is as if you had a Post It note on your device.  You would want to make the icon or note moveable so if it wasn't in a convenient spot the user could move it to an out of the way place on the screen.
I would even add an option to put not so important information but stuff you would like to see as reminders so that they pop up on your device as type of screen saver so when you get back to your device you see the notes.  I would use something like this for positive affirmations and for goals to remember to exercise, writing goals for the day, week, this month, and the year.  This could be used for shopping lists so you could add stuff to a revolving list as you think about them and then recall the list later when needed.  You could add to the screen saver list to stop by the store on the way home.
It was just a thought I had on the way to work while I was driving and listening to my kindle read a book to me.  I keep wondering if there is such a thing as sensory input overload.  I have only run into that when both my boys are asking repeatedly for different things while I am trying to listen to my wife explain something while one or both of us are cooking and trying to set the table for dinner.


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