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Monday, February 27, 2012

Censorship Versus Freedom of Speech

Recently, PayPal has come down on Smashwords dot com about some aspects of Erotica.  They claim the pressure is coming from the banking Industry that they deal with.  Smashwords in turn has had to take steps against certain aspects of the erotica published through its site to survive to fight another day in the name of free speech or the expression of the right through the freedom to publish.  I have noticed the extreme amount of material that is available on the site in the form of Erotica, but I am comfortable with it for several reasons.
1.  It allows it to be published above board, legally, not underground illegally and part of some criminal element.  If as a society we legalized and taxed prostitution, and drugs it would take away the criminal element of it.  Allow it to be regulated and controlled by aspects of the government instead of flying under the radar tax free and supporting illegal behavior.
2.  The site has a prude filter you can set to on which hides all this type of content if you desire not to see it but still enjoy the many other elements of Independent Authors work.
3.  By allowing it to exist on websites like Smashwords you do not hinder anyone's right to expression or others rights to purchase such works therefore not threatening or holding back anybody's right to freedom of speech.
Censorship is most prevalent in the United States where Freedom is supposed to reign more than anywhere else on Earth, provided it censored!  Come on!  It's time Americans stand up and put our freedom to the test!  If it offends your narrow minded views or virgin ears shut it off, don't look, don't listen and for God sake quit talking about it and fighting for censorship!  Freedom is allowing it all, even the offense crap!
Here is a test for every red blooded flag waving AMERICAN who reads English, believes in the Constitution and ALL that it stands for! 
1.  Vote for NO CENSORSHIP! On the Web, On Television, On Radio, and especially for books!
2.  Vote for LEGAL Prostitution and Drugs, taxation and regulation of such to help pay the national debt.
We will never get it, because organized crime (which doesn't exist) would shoot any politician pushing to take away their livelihood, or threaten to tax and regulate it.  They get paid for regulating; controlling and distribution of said services and get to do it tax free already.
My question is who in the Banking Industry or at PayPal is reading these books to determine said offensive material is in said books?  It appears they have a problem with erotica books that deal with bestiality, rape, and incest!  I am not saying I am for or against these topics or for or against erotica.  Somebody is going to write this stuff, somebody is going to pay for it, and somebody is going to read it.  They successfully block it and it goes underground and joins the realm illegal activity, off the grid.  How do we know it isn't illegal interests trying to block the stuff to maintain control of their interests?
Somebody has to be buying said books and reading said books to even know there is something offensive there to begin with!  If I am supposed to believe some religious person or group of business individuals has purchased one of all these books to read them and then wants to start a crusade to save our souls by threatening our freedom of speech and to publish materials but will still allow the Holy Bible and other religious works to openly be published and sold.  The Bible has elements of the worst strewn throughout it!  The worst sins imaginable are committed and discussed in its pages.  I am just stating when we cave in on one count of Censorship – where is it going to stop?  Who decides which books to burn and which books we are allowed to read? 
Our own Declaration of Independence, the writing of it, standing up for it, and definitely the signing of it would have been cause for being hung had our founding fathers lost the war!  Yet we are going to purposefully say this can't be said, that can't be shown or said on TV, and this can't be written about or sold, because it offends someone.  Are we letting narrow minded people determine the limits of our freedoms that have been bought and paid for by the blood of our countries men and women?  Or are we letting criminal elements keep control of their wrongful deeds rather than letting them be exposed to the light of day, taxation and other respectable enterprises.  I have noticed since I was a child that countries with much less freedom than we claim to have seem to have more freedom to express themselves in the way they see fit, with much less censorship! 
Grown men and women should have the right to censor themselves, shield themselves, just as we should have the right to express ourselves freely on the different forms of media!  It is our right, for good and bad!  It disgusts me that I have to stand to see a fellow citizen exercise their rights by burning our flag, yet you get fined for saying something like "Beaver" on Television!  That's moronic and the true state of affairs in our country.  Censorship doesn't work it will only force it underground and breed more crime!  In the Immortal words of Dr. Johnny Fever, "Booger!"
Hell, that's going to show my age and taste in television from years gone bye.


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