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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Music of Your Life

Growing up my Dad always said he enjoyed mowing the grass.  I could never understand this because to me it was stupid senseless work.  The only reason I was pushing a lawn mower was because the lawn mower doesn't know where to mow!  I even designed a robotic lawn mower to mow my grass for me (Robotic – entirely independent, not radio controlled), unfortunately I am a better designer than I am a builder.  If anybody read my post about the light chasing robot you will quickly understand why I am still mowing my own grass.
As I have gotten older I realized I long for mowing the grass.  Not because I enjoying mowing the grass, but because I actually like getting out and working outside a bit, it is a break from my job and family, and it makes my tiny square of the world look more pleasing to me.  I can do it while listening to an MP3 player, a device my father never had, or took the time to learn to use when the knowledge and product became available.  This is what really makes it nice for me and embarrasses the ever loving shit out of my wife.  Inevitably I will come across one of my favorite songs and forget people can hear me attempt to sing along over the roar of the mower.  My horrid attempts at singing and doing so in public where we live are what embarrass my wife.
Last year I somehow sweat into the case of the MP3 player and fried it guts outs.  It was ancient anyways and for just over twenty dollars I got a new one that is one quarter the size and holds all of my music with tons of room left over.  So I totally wasted an evening syncing my music to my MP3 player, copying music from my CD's to my computer to add to my portable collection of music.  OMG!  I had the time of my life listening to music creating a new and improved play list with twice the songs that I had previously had and then syncing it to this new player. 
It dawned on me that with the music speaker thing I have in the house that allows my Kindle to read to me, I can also listen to my personal collection of music around the house, while driving, and while riding my motorcycle with this new player.  It had dawned on me before how I can listen to my music collection all the time with really embracing this technology.  How much happier could the world be if we all could spend part of everyday listening to the music that makes us happy.  Music that lifts our soul's energy levels to higher states.
Warning:  You shouldn't drive with the ear buds in!  You shouldn't drive EVER while listening to the William Tell Overture, The Peter Gunn Theme by Henry Mancini, or the Hawaii Five 'O Theme by the Ventures.  It just isn't safe for you or the general public!
If you don't know those titles – check them out.  And for the older crowd that knows those titles, check out "Teenagers" by My Chemical Romance.  You can probably find a video of it on line.  I thought the cheerleaders in the gas masks were inspired.  If you judge people by their music collection I'm screwed and headed for a padded room in the future.


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