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Monday, January 17, 2011

Finished My First Novel

I have finished my first Novel and very soon will be E-published.  As much as I would love to see myself traditionally published and my books in real paper and bindings growing dusty on book shelves, from all the research I have done this is by far the best way to publish.  If you do not have a E-reader of some sort on your phone or PC or MAC, Please get one NOW.  There are many good ones available to download that are entirely FREE.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Wow, wow, and WOW!!! Tom! What a fantastic voyage you just took me on! I loved every page of it! You are amazing Brother. Your sense of detail and all that Marine jargen, it was truly a fun read for me. I haven't read a book like this since 'Sum of All Fears'. I'd definitely rank it up there with Clancy. Thanks for including me with the notify of it's completion. Let me know when you've got another one completed. I'd love to dig into that one too. Man! I couldn't put this one down, well...turn if off. lol. Was reading from either my home PC or my laptop. Thanks again Bro!
Your friend,
Kevin Hamel

scotaff said...

Excellent book. I enjoyed reading it very much, congratulations on your first publication. I can't wait to see what you bring out next, I'll be checking back and forth to see when your new book is ready. Tom Clancy, Andy McNab and Chris Ryan watch out coz Thomas Wilson is on his way.

Anonymous said...

For a first book pretty doggone good. Really enjoyed the read. Wonderful way to spend an over cast Sunday. I well be looking for more of your books. said...

Great story
See a movie about a similar story about a navy


Richard said...

I enjoyed Whisper very much but I urge you to get some one to edit your work. There are many instances of words run together which made the reader stop the flow of the story and figure out what you were trying to say. In otherwords that's hard to read.

Otherwise a good book.

Thomas Wilson said...

Dear Richard, The book has been edited twice and I am looking for a new and better editor I can afford to do it the third time - along with the sequels to both my books which are finished but unpublished because they have not been edited at all. Glad you enjoyed the story - so far all anybody has complained about is the grammar and English which can be fixed.
From Thomas Wilson the author.

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