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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Goal Oriented

What is it that makes some people goal oriented and others, not so much?
What is it that makes people want to work or do a job and not want to rely on others?
What is it that makes some people willing to put themselves in harm's way for ideals?
Is it the environment?  Is it genetics?  Is it something parents teach their children?  Is it the belief in being self reliant and believing in ideals that makes them willing to work or be a soldier?
I come from a military family that has had someone in the military in the United States or Great Britain for longer than anyone in the family can remember.  Is it because we were raised that way?  Is it hard wired into our DNA to believe in ideals and stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves?  Is it something in our environment that makes us willing to work at less than desirable positions for years on end just so we can take care of ourselves?  I justify my position in that I got to choose what job I took.  I'm not a slave and being forced to work at something or somewhere against my will.  I may be poor but I am free.  I'm as free as I can be in this world.
Why are some people so lazy?  How can you live with no goals or aim in life?  Expecting others to provide and take care of you?
I just don't understand it!  I cannot comprehend how some people can exist the way they do?
In trying to answer this and make some sense of it, I realized that when I was a soldier and even as an middle aged man who voraciously studies history, especially military history, that if there was I fight I wanted to be the kind of soldier that everybody else wants on their side or team.
As a worker I always asked myself, "If I was the boss, what would I want me doing right now?"  I would do the very best job I could do and if I ran out of work I would imagine that if ran the place what should I be doing.  I pretty much run a large portion of the place these days and have for many years as Operations Manager.
Do we do it for pride?  Do we do it because of what we want others to think about us?  
I used to think so, but as I have created my own second job at night as a writer, I do it because I enjoy doing what I am doing?  I think back to when I was a soldier and feel that I would have been just as good of a soldier even if the general public didn't agree with what we were ordered to defend, attack, or train for.  Many times society comes down hard on men and women in the military judging their actions by peaceful civilized society's standards totaling forgetting that what they have volunteered for is more than just being in the service.
It is for many being an active Christian and justifying the killing of other human beings.  Going into areas to fight, that is anything but civilized with no standards that would be recognized in a peaceful society.  Dealing with other human beings which are completely delusional and ill rational in their thought processes.  Believing that because of our faith and ideals that we are the barbarians and we must die and the people of their area must convert to their beliefs and submit or they must die.  I don't believe it's Pride that makes soldiers pick up a weapon, defend a wall, our provide freedom for a country that doesn't entirely support their actions in providing that very blanket of freedom in which they exist.
War is hell at best, some leeway should be given to those brave enough to wear the uniform, pick up a weapon and fight so the rest of may live in peace.  For those families who have sacrificed their children, their mothers and fathers, their spouses -  only those who have wore the uniform truly understand the gratitude, the sacrifice, and the true cost of freedom.  It's this understanding which can bring tears to a man's eyes at the sight of our flag or hearing the National Anthem.
I don't believe its pride that makes a person work every day and have plans and goals for their life and family.  I can't imagine living day to day without plans and goals for my future.  I can't comprehend having no direction, no job, and no purpose in life.
I do believe in company pride, (whether military or commercial enterprise) that makes people work harder, to do the best job they can do, to outperform other companies, groups, or platoons.  That's team building and leadership 101, instilling pride in people for the job that they do!
There is no grand lesson, point to be made, or summation to bring this all together and make sense of it in some fine literary fashion.  It is just me expressing my befuddlement, confusion, and wondering where the differences lay between me and some other groups of people.  I happened to be watching would I would term as vagrants when I started asking myself these questions.  Most people don't notice or purposefully ignore them.  I try and understand, what's the difference between us?  I am at a loss for an explanation.


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