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Friday, February 17, 2012

History Tidbit

Today in history, February 17, 1801, One of America's most favorite Presidents took office.  Thomas Jefferson was elected the third President of United States.  His election was the first transfer of power from one political party to another in our nation's history.
During his first term Jefferson Strengthened the American Navy, reduced the national debt by one third, acquired the Louisiana Territory, and sponsored the Lewis and Clark expedition.  His first term ended in relative stability and prosperity, allowing him to overwhelmingly be re-elected to a second term.
I could go on and on about Thomas Jefferson, especially in the areas of how he helped establish our great country, and served as President all the while believing that men should be allowed to govern themselves and that government intervention was inherently wrong and would always become corrupt.  He believed we as a country should revolt and keep our government in check on a regular basis, to keep it honest, small and effective.  The man was a genius on many levels!


Nika Corwin said...

I also have a hard time with authors who make me cry on purpose! I remember reading Nicholas Sparks and feeling like everything was great and happy and then BAM! The person you love dies. James Patterson did the same thing in one of his love stories. I don't like feeling crummy after reading--even if it is a good read! I'm glad I found you on the weekend blog hop--I hope you are able to follow back!

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