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Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Will Survive!

We Survived 2012
For many of us we survived Y2K, lived through 911, and have survived the end of the Mayan Calendar and the end of the world once again.
I am not a dooms day predictor, a Prepper (one who is Prepping for the end of the world), or am I even prepared for your normal variety day to day disaster.  I am an avid reader of many different kinds of books, extremely open minded with an off the charts imagination which I actively work the hell out of every night while writing action adventure and Science Fiction books.
One of the books I read quite some time ago was all about how the predictions about the end of the world being in 2012 were wrong and how it would actually come about in December of 2039.  I also heard or read somewhere that the United States government has already set the date for when it would release any and all information concerning project Blue Book which is supposed to be about the information collected about recovered aircraft from outer space and UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) collected since the end of World War II.  I found it surprisingly interesting that the date given for releasing or declassifying this information was January of 2040, just after the more accurately given date for the end of the Mayan Long count calendar.
The difference in the dates was given that the Mayan’s didn’t take into account leap years the way our current Georgian Calendar’s do and that the initial estimates were using inaccurate mathematics to figure the date thus arriving at December of the year 2012.
I hope to keep surviving assorted crap for another 27 to 28 years so I can see how this all plays out.  I should be seventy-three or seventy four years old at that time and hopefully will still remember the fun we had this year at that time.
As a Science Fiction writer it dawned on me that even though the Earth is relatively safe as far as we are aware of, discounting Global Warming, Religious Extremists, and countries who like to wage war for the sake of whatever their current ideologies are at the time.  The Universe is run by the laws of physics of which mankind is still endeavoring to totally grasp and understand the nature of how it all works together.  One thing we do know is that it isn't perfect, exact, or neatly organized but does tend to operate within a range of balance.
Which got me thinking that something could always happen somewhere else in the Universe and upset the status quo thus tipping the balance and the Universe would naturally correct itself to find a new sustainable range of balance.  If this resettling resulted in the Earth’s moving closer or farther away from our sun it would lay waste to our puny efforts at civilization which have been going on longer than we have a written record of.
It boggles my mind to think that everything we know of from the past, all of man kind’s history, Art, Music, books, movies, everything has taken place within the narrow confines of our atmosphere down to a couple of miles under the surface of the planet.  I realize that doesn't count the varied space exploration efforts of the human race within the last 60 years.  We exist in such a narrow envelope of space, spread out over the surface of a ball that is hurling through space and time.  Our whole existence rests on such a small balance of timing and temperature and how just the slightest shivers from our planet can wipe us out like a dog scratching at fleas.
So as we prepare to switch our calendars to 2013 and make plans for next year, let’s try to work towards a happier more productive future for all of mankind.  Give a toast to the fleas as we are still here riding mother Earth.  I can’t wait to see what the next twenty-four years bring.  At two books a year if I am still doing this I shall have written and added to the worlds slush pile of crap but fun fiction to read and help waste our time by 48 more books.
If you’re looking for a good Science Fiction that has a different spin on UFO’s and the history of the world since 1945, you might check out Eric Birk and his book “The Gemini Divergence.”
It is available in paperback and on-line for e-book purchasing at one of the finest E-book stores and Publishers of Independent Author’s Titles ever SMASHWORDS!
Have a Safe and Happy New Year, and we will see you all next year.
As those who follow my blog have probably deduced, due to Editing Hiccups, I haven’t published either of the two novels I wrote this year, the sequels to both my first two books.  As soon as I can get them edited and come up with completed cover art for both they are my main focus for 2013.  I am as excited about releasing them as many are about reading them.


J.L. Murphey said...

Great post Thomas.

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