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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Editing Catch 22

Since I have become a self published author I have thoroughly learned and understand the value and the importance of a editor.  As I have explained numerous times through various posts on this blog how I have a severe handicap in regards to the proper usage of the English language and proper Grammar.  I need the best editor I can get because of the severity of my short comings with English and Grammar.

Here’s the Catch 22, I can’t afford what even inexpensive editors are charging on various sites on line.  My first book is barely over 50K words, barely a novel, and was edited three times before getting it to its current form.  My second novel was dropped halfway through its third edit by my last editor.  So now I am left needing to get my second novel reworked all over again just to get it right so I can download a corrected version and re-release it.

During the time this year I have been waiting for last years novels to get re-worked, I have written the sequels to each of them (rough drafts).  As I don’t currently have an editor neither one of the sequels have been worked on at all and in the interim I am half-way through writing my fifth novel.
So what is a new undiscovered author to do who can’t afford proper, much less good or great editing services?  If I can’t get my books edited I don’t feel right about releasing them online for sale.  If I can’t get my books released for sale I can’t increase my sales, build a following and eventually get discovered by the literary world as the great author that I know am capable of becoming.

To proof the books to the best of my ability and release them would be contributing to the disgrace and downfall of the English language with which many of the Independent Authors are being accused of and blamed for on a daily basis.

So the purpose of the blog post is a on-line begging for help, advice, or suggestions to my problem.

Option 1  I need low cost alternatives to good to great editing.

Option 2  An editor with insight and willing to take a chance on me and possibly help me get a couple of books edited for little or nothing until I can get this going and generating some cash flow in order to pay the editor what they are worth and let me make it up to them on the back side.

Option 3  I just proof them them to the best of my ability and contribute to all I feel is bad and unprofessional about the current trends of self-publishing.

So for anybody who reads this who might happen to be in the Writing, Publishing or Editing arenas and have any suggestions or comments, please comment on this post or E-mail me at
I have discovered I am a writer.  I have dedicated myself to writing every night and I am getting much better at it with every book I finish.  My stories are fresh, unique, and creative, taking my readers to new and exciting places or through experiences they couldn't imagine before reading my stories.  I will keep writing and find a way to succeed at writing one way or another.

The first step towards succeeding and over coming is admitting when you need help.  I know I need help.  I am reaching out to the readers of my blog for suggestions, ideas, or just comments of moral support.


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