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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Why We Love The Joker!

Why everybody loves the Joker!

Of all the criminals that Batman has had to contend with over the various venues he has been portrayed in, The Joker, is probably the most well-known and beloved.
What is it about this psychotic, pathological killer that makes him so popular?

In my personal opinion I feel the most recent adaptation by the late Heath Ledger so nailed the essence and character of this legendary criminal that it will be years if ever before anyone will be able to equal his stellar performance of this role.

Yet the Joker was and has been extremely popular from the days when Caesar Ramero played the role on television, to Jack Nicholson’s wonderful portrayal years later in film.
The Joker is flashy with his purple suits, his green hair, the white make-up, and that unforgettable smile.  He is often funny even if it is in a very dark sort of humor.
He uses masks, costumes, make-up, and devices to disguise himself.
When he appears in the Hospital dressed as a nurse in Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the character, it was a sort of scary comic relief.
Even the masterful choice of when he hits the button to blow up the hospital and it doesn't quite go BOOM as much as he was expecting, so the Joker is messing with the device and repeatedly pushing the button until it obviously works to more of what he was expecting, made the whole thing seem so much more realistic.
The ironic humor of a fire truck burning in the street!  Come on that’s hilarious!
The tragic side of the Joker as evidence of either falling into a vat of chemicals or the many stories that he relayed concerning how he got the scars in Heath Ledger’s version, all lend to apathy for such a screwed up person.
The transformation in the last, and obviously my favorite portrayal, from wanting to Kill Batman to the realization that they are two sides of a similar thing.  Ones Yin to the others Yang!  Where he admits that it isn't about the money, he is the dark version of Evil to Batman’s dark version of Good.
Lastly, he is extremely creative yet given it is expressed in a psychotic manner.  He gives Batman a run for his money.  Literally, as Batman, The Dark Knight, most everybody’s favorite Super Hero, who actually doesn't have any super powers.
Batman is just an ordinary good guy, who is very intelligent, and a bank roll and IT department enough to make some really Killer Gadgets and Toys.  From the creation of the first Batmobile, he fell into a class of two with the coolest best cars on earth that money could build and buy.
It was pretty much James Bond 007, and Batman who always had the best rides with the coolest gadgets.
Mark my words, The Joker will be back because he is just as timeless as Batman and James Bond have been!


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