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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Safe Haven’s Versus Gun Control

Within three days of the Horrible tragedy which happened last week at the school in Newtown, a Grade School that is two blocks from our business has contacted the company I work for (my day job) about being a potential Safe Haven for the children the of the school in case, God forbid, that school is ever threatened by anything which would require the evacuation the school.
This entire process is in its beginning stages but everyone where I work is extremely excited about the idea.  As we work in a giant tire warehouse with tons of space and we are always here when schools might happen to be in session.  We are an almost perfect fit for this insightful solution to a possible threat.  We have the space, a secure location that is fully manned at all times with hard working Americans who almost all of us are parents of children.  It is amazing how several of us got teary eyed just discussing the possibility of being entrusted with such a high and noble responsibility as helping to provide a Safe Haven and safe guard others children in case of an emergency.
It was inspiring to see these tough hard working guys step up to say they would do anything in order to help in a situation such as this was inspiring.  I feel too many times the bad guys get all the press.  The good guys in this country outnumber the bad guys by an extremely large margin.  Our country sees this happen whenever a tragedy strikes.  It’s time the good guys step forward and say we are not going to put up with this any longer.
In essence, if we get selected to provide this Safe Haven for this school, in case of an emergency our company would literally shut down its normal business functions and transform into a Safe Haven locked down fortress to protect and care for the entire population of a grade school within moments.  Even as it is just in the planning stages the protocols are being figured out, supplies purchased, Rally points created, even the planning of getting many buckets of chalk so the children can spend their time here drawing and coloring all over our immense concrete floors.
I thought that part was wildly creative.  What could 600 children do while waiting for things to calm down and a situation to be resolved?  It’s a giant warehouse.  They could collectively work on a giant mural on a canvas concrete canvas longer than a football field.  We even have a couple of artists in house who could draw some large pictures to be colored in and get them started.
I sincerely hope schools across the country are doing similar things to ensure the safety of our children.  Schools and Churches should be two places that are sacred and off limits to violence.  Unfortunately the forces of evil see them as places through which they can inflict the worst of their evil.  I for one am tired of it.
Within moments of last week’s tragedy people were screaming everywhere about how we need more gun control.  The weapons this monster used were the property of his mothers and obviously they were not secured properly so that anybody could get their hands on them.  The bad guys will get weapons, just as they get drugs and other stuff they are not supposed to.
Disarming honest hard working good people is not the answer to protecting ourselves.  Better screening of people who might have issues might be a good place to start.  Good people use guns where they are meant to be used at firing ranges, to hunt with, and for our protection.  The largest deterrent foreign or domestic to being taken over and our country turned into a dictatorship is the fact that our population is armed.  If you look at the countries of the world where dictatorships exist, people can’t come and go as they please, and the only ones with guns are the government, they are not free.  The countries are prisons to its populations.  You do what the government tells you to do.  Too many countries say you must own property, and have family as security that you will return or you cannot leave the country.
The most lasting and enduring insurance to our freedom that our founding fathers gave us was the right to bear arms.  The right to own our own weapons for hunting, recreation and to protect ourselves, and as an ex-servicemen I’ll take it a step further, to protect those who cannot protect themselves.  Nobody said Freedom was easy!  It probably has to be hardest form of government to for a population to endure and maintain over time.
I sincerely hope we get chosen for this privilege of helping secure the safety of the children near our work.  I would consider it as great of an honor as I did serving to protect my country when I was in the Army many years ago.  I hope citizens across the country stand up and volunteer to do whatever we can do to protect our children, elderly and our general good hard working people from the Evil of others.  Again we outnumber the bad guys by a large margin and enough is enough.  It’s time for us to take a stand and say no more.  That doesn't mean we should attempt to disarm the good guys!  I rue the day some idiot actually tries to forcefully disarm this country.


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