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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The simple but brilliant concept provided by this snip it of a phrase that Thomas Jefferson wrote into the United States of America’s Declaration of Independence is the focus of my blog post today.
In declaring your Independence, your intentions to do what you want, to express your rights and freedom, declaring that you don’t need anybody to take care of you, that you will from here on out take care of yourself.  Whether it’s an individual, a state, a political party, or a group of people starting their own country, it is the declaration that we know what’s best for us.  That we strive to be independent from here on out, without relying on others.
In the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson added this little snip it which totally sums up his wisdom, knowledge and utter brilliance.
The Pursuit of Happiness.
It’s not a right of man!  It is a responsibility of the state or Federal Government!  It is to each individual something unique and unto itself, our pursuit of happiness.
Some aren't even pursuing their happiness.  They go through the motions of life avoiding problems, blaming others, companies, or the government for their lot in life.  They are not doing anything on their own to improve their situation or quality of life and yet expect happiness to be provided by some unknown benefactor and they are pissed off that it hasn't happened yet.  Many of these people point to successful people and say or think ‘They got theirs.’
Some are in pursuit but haven’t determined what in the entire scheme of the Universe would actually make them happy.  They are on a Journey but have no direction.  These poor souls hop from one thing to another pursuing their asses off, working hard, struggling every day yet can’t manage to get any closer to their goal, because they don’t know or haven’t decided yet what that destination or goal is.  Without determining a goal you wouldn't know if you were sitting right on top of it, or had surpassed it already.
Few know where they are headed, have goals written down, and have figured out what makes them truly happy.  This small group is in pursuit of happiness.
Now for the mind blowing awesome supernatural part of all of this.
Your Happiness is up to you!
The only person who can determine, decide or choose whether you are happy, mad, sad, upset, downright pissed off, is you!  It’s your attitude.  It’s your feelings.  It is how you decide to feel.
Your goals, your destination, the path you choose to walk, what you decide to do or not do is entirely up to you.  You are exactly where you put yourself through your work, education, and what you have or have not done.  When you face this truth honestly then you can realize to change your position you need to do things differently, try new things, quit doing things which are holding you back or may be harmful or counterproductive to where you want to move to.

You choose your mood, your destination, your path through life.  You are in control of whether you’re happy or not.  If you don’t like how you’re feeling, change it!  If you don’t like where you’re at change it!  It all starts and ends with YOU!
Unfortunately for many multitudes of people and even many who will read this post, the pursuit of happiness is the best that they can ever hope for is the pursuit of happiness, because they will not get the concept that it is up to them and it is a choice.
I conclude that even though the concept is simple in theory the execution of it can be daunting if not seemingly impossible at first.  It takes changing.  Sometimes it means changing our core beliefs about ourselves, and the world we live in.  This can seem impossible if you truly believe your conceptions and perceptions of the world are correct when in fact they may be flawed if not entirely wrong.  It is a pursuit of our goals and what we believe will make us happier than hopefully we currently are.  It may take going to school, reading books, trying for a new job, moving to another area, maybe even new friends.

It may mean breaking bad habits that currently you defend vehemently.  It may mean exercising your mind and body to get them into better shape to work harder.  It may mean pushing yourself past the limits you think you have and limits you can’t even imagine yet.  It may mean asking for help from others in the form of advice, direction, or moral support not handouts or support for keeping you stuck where you've been.
Too often when the direction is pointed out, the work needed to be done is identified, what needs to be left behind or habits that need to be changed, people will admit they aren't willing to do what is required to get what they say they want.  They give up on themselves which they can’t admit so they will make excuses in order to stay where they are at.  A lot of the time the people who really change their stars are the ones that grab the bull of life by the horns and hang on for dear life.  They will put themselves out there 100% everyday doing all that they need to for where they are and doing extra stuff in between to get where they want to go.
They motivate themselves.  They are happy and keep a positive attitude even when they are failing at something because they have their heart, mind and spirit focused on a higher goal.  Their destinations and goals are continually changing in front of them as they are getting closer to achieving their older goals.  They never reach their destinations because it’s always out in front of them.  Their success is their daily lives, the work and choices they make, and the path they choose to walk.  They are successful Now!
On that note – Have a Great Day and a better one tomorrow.


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