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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

You might be a Writer

I have written about many aspects of writing through the various posts on this blog.  I have also mentioned these blog posts are my warm up for writing for the day.  It’s kind of a mental stretching exercise.

Today the history calendar on my desk is about how the Washington Post published a thirty-five thousand word manifesto by the Unibomber on this day in History, Sept. 19, 1995.
It goes on to explain about his extended reign of terror that started in the late seventies and continued until April of 1996 when he was apprehended at his remote home in Lincoln, Montana.  He is serving out his four life sentences without the possibility of parole in the supermax federal prison in Florence, Colorado.
When I read the last line about the Prison my curious imagination thought about what would happen if they went to his cell and he was gone.  If he could manage to escape the supermax federal prison, what would he do?  Where would he go?  If you have read either of my two e-books that are published, you would know I dabble a bit with the idea of travel through time and space with made up technology.  With this type of specialized equipment a person like Ted Kaczynski, the Unibomber, could get out of prison, but somebody would have to use it to spring him from prison.
Who would benefit from springing criminals from prison?  Why would you want to?  My suspicious mind jumped to our own wonderful government which has repeatedly made bad judgment calls regarding technology and doing things they maybe should not have.  So I thought what if a black ops arm of our government played around with changing different time lines of history or the future by using convicted criminals as their time traveling agents which are expendable and might jump at the chance of getting out of prison to do the illegal stuff they do even if it was in another time and place.
Possible story idea!  Changing paths of history by releasing Ted Kaczynski into Nazi Germany in around 1937 – 1938 with the mission to use his skills to send bombs to Hitler and the closets high ranking members of the Nazi party with the idea in mind of averting World War II by changing history.
My point is, that I got all this from a few moments after reading a tidbit from a history desk calendar.  By the way I don’t think I am getting one of those for 2013, because the world is going to end in December.  No, just kidding.  I wouldn’t be working so hard on future books to be published if I thought the world was going to end.  No, it is just that most of the history tidbits from day to day have been focused around people or things like the Unibomber.  I strive to live a positive life, keep my spirits up, and leave the gloom and doom suspense for the evening news and aspects of the stories in my books.  There is plenty of good things, positive things, achievements, new technology unveiled from different days in history without glorifying the worst of humanity from day to day.
If your mind jumps to crazy story ideas from little things you see all around you, you might be a writer.
If you’re criminally insane but haven’t committed any crimes because you don’t talk about your evil thoughts, dirty day dreams, outlandish plans for master crimes, or murders you want to commit, you might be a writer.
If you day dream about scenes with characters and have to tell them to slow down so you can get everything written down and they are speaking too fast, you might be a writer.
If you read books, watch television or movies and think you would have ended that differently, or they could have done this as an added twist, instead of being surprised by the ending, you might be a writer.
Ok, warmed up, ready to uncover some modern day true to life hypocrisy or save the Earth from being attacked by humanoid Gators that are controlled by mind controlling Dragons, I haven’t decided which book I am working on today as of yet.
Catch ya’ll later!
If you have discovered reading this that any of it sounds like you and you might be a writer, and you haven’t started your first book yet.  Sit down to a word processor, a type writer, or grab a legal pad and pen and get started today!  You’re not getting any younger.


Natasha Quinonez said...

I really like how you ended this blog post. I've found that I actually relate with three of these. :) Of course, I do write, and I have actually published a book with a co-author on Amazon. It was a lot of fun, and I'm hoping to do another one.

Milly Story said...

Fascinating idea about spring criminals from prison, but what if that was already done, and it was someone like our friendly unibomber or suicide doctor who was responsible for the madness that created concentration camps and the killing of all those innocent people? What if that was the change in history? And if a black ops group hadn't sprung the evil one and turn him lose in Germany, only to lose control of him and end of with all those poor victims dead and lost forever, history would have been different. And even know the criminal master mind, has learned the secret of the technology that brought him to the past and he refuses to return, is now lose in the space time continuem causing mayhem?

Just a thought.

J.L. Murphey said...

Muhahaha, playing devil's advocate again. If the unibomber went back in time, he just might have been born in the future. Huge paradox.

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