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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Persistence and Consistency

One thing that cannot be measured in a person is their will.  A person’s will to continue on towards their goal despite the hardships and setbacks, the persistence to carry on long after everybody else has quit trying.  I remember the movie ‘Rocky’, he trained like a mad man but not to win the heavy weight championship of the world, but just to go the distance, to stand in there and persist where no one else had.  Your persistence, that piece of you, that drive you have to succeed can’t be measured, it can only tested.

Managers, Coaches, and Teachers often overlook the true greatness that is right under their noses every day because it doesn’t jump out at them.  The super stars, people like Babe Ruth, who hit more home runs than anybody else also generally have the highest percentage of striking out.  Everybody is looking for the home run hitter, the guy who scores touch downs, makes the field goal in the clutch, closes the big deals, or has the highest scores.  Consistency at being good, is your true master performer, generally the one just under the superstar going by unnoticed.

Between Persistence and Consistency is the greatest place to live.  Not show boating, not a flash in the pan, not drawing attention to themselves, just consistently being good all the time.  Nobody is talking about them, they are not complaining, they are not bragging, they are just persistently being consistently good at what they do.  These are the unsung heroes of the classrooms, the classes, the locker rooms, the back bones to schools, teams, and companies everywhere.

Who are you overlooking?  Who is always there?  Always does a good job?  Always makes an effort.  Always makes a difference.  Never gets noticed.  Just does their best and quietly goes on about their business and their day.
Everybody dreams of making that big splash, getting noticed, being rewarded, praised, and fussed over.  Who wants to persistently be consistent at being good?
I value my consistency.  I value my persistence.  I value my intelligence and the things I have labored to learn, another thing that can’t be measured in a person but can be tested.  I will work at improving every day.  I will strive to be the best I can be.  I may never write the Number One Best Selling Book, but I will consistently and persistently write more and better books as I go along.  I will plod along doing what I love and pouring that love into my work as I go.
Try and notice the people around you in your life you overlook every day!


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