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Monday, September 10, 2012

Role Models

Role Models come in all shapes and sizes, some real and some are fiction.  Generally a role model is somebody you desire to be like, to do as they do, act the way they do, basically model your behavior or aspects of your life after theirs.
My Role Models in the past have been people like Indiana Jones, smart but adventurous, not afraid to go out in the field and get your hands dirty.  Somebody who just doesn’t give up, who keeps going after a goal relentlessly until they get what they are working towards, plus I love his hat!  I have another role model who treats every person he meets like they are the most important person he has seen all day.  I really have to work at being that friendly and social with other people.
Some time ago I visited my wife’s dad’s church because they were having a little fund raising dinner thing when the Pastor of the church mentioned he owned a motorcycle also.  He suggested we should go riding sometime.
I have known the Pastor for quite some time as he is an old friend of the family, he married my wife’s parent’s years ago, and nine years ago married my wife and me.  I knew he was somewhat older because he has been around forever, his snow white hair has been that way for as long as I have known him.  He called me Thursday and asked if I wanted to go riding with him and some of the guys from the church this Saturday.  I said sure.
I asked my wife.  “How old is Pastor Larry?”
“I think he is seventy.” She replied.
I didn’t figure an aging Pastor and some older guys from church would be doing that long of a ride.  We met at the church at 8:00AM Saturday morning, Pastor Larry, John, Jack, Steve and me.  Steve was younger than me, but the rest of the guys had me by a few years.  I thought I would be back by noon so I could get my grass mowed.  Boy was I wrong.
They immediately started talking about doing a real all day bike ride.  I couldn’t believe it.  Pastor Larry, who I have known for years but really had never seen or associated with him outside of a church setting, was playful, joking, and rode like he had spent his life on the back of that Harley!  Pastor rides a Harley.  Steve rides a Triumph.  John was on a Victory and I think Jack’s was a Honda or Yamaha.  I ride a Kawasaki.  We made a motley little crew as we made our way around the country side.
I had to outright ask the Pastor how old he was because I couldn’t believe he was seventy years old.  I hope I’m getting around that good and in touch with all my faculties at seventy!  I really hope I am still riding motorcycles, hanging out with the guys, laughing and joking around when I am seventy.  I realized by the end of the day that Pastor Larry was one of my new Role Models, somebody I would like to be like.
I still bet nobody would believe what a great day and wonderful bike ride I had with some old guys from church and how rowdy, the seventy year old, Harley Riding Pastor was.  I had a great Saturday!


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