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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Luscious Life, Fantasy and Escapism

Life is Tantamount to Marvelous, Tumultuous, Sumptuous, Wonderful, and Magical.

Your daily life, your day, Today, is what you make it.  It is what you accept it to be.

You are exactly where you should be based off your life decisions, education, training, environment, and the daily choices that collectively make up who you are.
If you don’t think rich people have problems you’re delusional.

They may be dressed nicer and have more serene surroundings but they have problems, even money problems, except theirs have more zeros involved.  Money doesn’t fix anything!  You can’t buy happiness, so if you’re miserable now you will still be miserable if you were rich.
Everybody has problems with money, relationships, family problems, car trouble, legal difficulties, work challenges, and trying to make the right decisions.  Everybody!
The day will start, the day will end, and if you’re alive reading this you should celebrate!  Life is too short to spend it upset, pissed off, holding grudges, or miserably wishing for something else.  I have found in most cases wanting something, imagining having something, the anticipation of getting something is ten times sweeter to our mind and soul then once we actually get the something!  Think about that seriously.
Why do we enjoy crazy dangerous action fiction books, stories, shows or movies?
Why do we like erotic novels and scenes?
Why do we read fantasy fiction?
Because it is Fantasy!  It isn’t real!  I can’t be, never will, won’t happen – except in our minds as we live vicariously through characters living and experiencing something somebody made up!
Escapism is defined as the tendency to escape from daily reality or routine by indulging in day dreaming, fantasy, or entertainment.  Is it any wonder that between the many facets of entertainment, books, shows, movies, and television that so much time, money, and effort is spent to provide new and stimulating entertainment.
As humans we need it.  We crave it.
Our lives are filled with the routine of the things we are expected to do on a regular basis.  The living, working out, mowing grass, fixing meals, cleaning up messes, washing clothes, going to work is all so repetitive.  The WORK!  The dull, safe, unexciting, tasteless, mindless, uncreative jobs we do for a living.
Most people are not working at what they would love to do!  To reach the state of consciousness where you know truly what you love, what you would do for free because you absolutely love it is the greatest state of existence.
To get to do what you love is living in love and working on a higher plane of existence!
We have to escape, day dream, read books, watch sports or television shows, watch movies, listen to music, to stay sane in this overly safe but not so safe world.  To do the things we must to survive and get along in our chosen ruts of the world we exist in, we need escapes.  Your feelings about your chosen path, decisions, where you are and what you’re doing is up to you!
If you don’t like your situation do one thing, no matter how small each day to take a step towards what you love to do.  If you don’t know what you love to do, explore a little bit every day, try new things until you find your passion.  Each day do something to move closer to your passion, your dream to do what you love to do.
In the meantime, between now and then, that is the journey, your success story, be happy, enjoy your life, be friendly and enjoy the others in your life.  Leave sweet and loving comments, sticky notes, and great reviews of escapes you enjoyed.  Let the rest of the world wonder what in the hell you are so freaking happy about.
If someone else is upset it is their problem, don’t take it on as well.  See something that you didn’t enjoy, you don’t agree with, you think is trash, forget it and go on!  Life is too short.  Don’t be one of those petty people that think blowing out others candles makes theirs brighter.
Find your passion, your dream and then do one little step towards it every day!  Success is the journey to your goal, not a destination.  Make every moment of every day special, magical, and meaningful for you will never get that moment back again.
May you never reach your destination!  (That is actually one hell of a nice blessing when you think about it.)
By the way my passion is writing fiction novels, Sci-Fi, Action Adventure - It is my ultimate escape from my boring life.  I LOVE IT!  If it entertains me enough to be an escape others will like it also.
Thanks for reading and sharing this moment with me!  Thomas


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