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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The REF’s are BACK!

My wife lucked out that I am not one of these guys that is obsessed with sports, sports trivia, who follows every sport, knows the stats of all the players, and goes into withdrawal if there isn’t something with sports on the radio or television.
I do not enjoy going to the CHIEFS games at Arrowhead Stadium as I have a much better and cheaper seat at home in my living room.  If you never have experienced a game at Arrowhead Stadium it is something to behold at least once in your life.  Kansas City is famous for tail gating and Barbeque, so the magnificent array of food and barbeque you could encounter in the parking lot before the game will blow you away.  The Chiefs may have their ups and down but Kansas City Fans Love their Football.  They have to be some of the most friendliest and loyal fans from all across the NFL.
The Sea of RED!
Arrowhead Stadium is an open Stadium and still it is recorded every year as being one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL, largely because of the fanatical fans and all the noise they make.
One thing they do at Arrowhead I have always disagreed with but it is Representative of the Fanaticism of Chiefs Fans.  At the end of the National Anthem where the words to the song would be “Home of the brave,” the Crowd will say in a DEEP TONE “CHIEFS” instead of brave!  I had never heard people intentionally mess with the national anthem at a sporting event before going to Arrowhead Stadium.  For those that visit and have never experienced it and are not expecting it, it is quite daunting to say the least.  I really don’t think the people of Kansas City are doing it to be blatantly disrespectful to our country as it is a statement that given the choice of government or national symbols or football, they would choose football!
Back to Football!  I don’t know the names of all the positions, I don’t keep track of the names of all the players, and I sure as hell don’t know all the rules.  I couldn’t begin to even figure out how to make a Fantasy Football league because of my extreme ignorance in the area.  My Love of Football comes from something else entirely.  As anyone who watches football knows anything can and will happen eventually during a football game.
As a student of history, warfare, management, being an Operations Manager of a very fast moving and dynamic company, I love the multitude of elements that have to come together at the right time and place all in sequence in order for a team to play well and win together.
Where else except in companies or the military do you have the different divisions and teams with personnel that move between the divisions?  Offense, Defense and Special Teams.
You have levels and varieties of coaches, just as companies and armies have multitudes of managers and commanders to instruct, train and lead the divisions that make up the teams.
The players, of every type imaginable with varying personalities, talents, and skills they each bring their own unique stuff to the battle.  Obviously to win your players must play well, execute, and make stuff happen when it needs to happen.  Individual talent and skill is just as important as all of them working in concert together and playing as a team.
The Strategy – or the plays of the game, clock management, endurance of the team, or sometimes just good old fashioned dumb luck.
The Fans – Who get to participate, and watch the carnage which is football play out for more than just our entertainment.  It goes so far beyond that for the fans.  The players become role models, idols, and our champions.
Every part of Football directly correlates to a company or an army fighting a war!  It all has to come together seamlessly, in concert, all together for it to work the way it is supposed to.  That is what I see when I am watching a football game.  So I watch my Kansas City Chiefs, and other games if I get the chance.  I love watching the elements and aspects of the mix play out through the various battles that are waged each week by the teams of the NFL.
The Referees are the watchdogs of the players on the field, the rules, the penalties, and the clock!
As we all saw in the first few weeks of the football season this year, it isn’t as easy as it looks.  Granted even the professional Ref’s make mistakes and questionable calls from time to time but it isn’t anything like what we witnessed without them.  I personally and glad they are back!
Just as the world comes together with the Olympics every two years, I would love to see the Universal NFL in my lifetime.  Where continents have divisions that play during the regular football season, the winners of the continental teams play a tournament through February to May to determine the world champions at football.  I understand the biggest hang-up to this is football to the rest of the world is what we American’s call soccer!
If the idea of nationality and patriotism versus football could be spread around the world it could very well lead to World Peace, more cheerleaders, and more FOOTBALL!!!


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