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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Doctor Oz and Breakfast

Part of my newfound passion in life besides writing is to take better care of myself in order to try and live longer thus being able to write more books before I croak.  I know it is just past the start of the new year and lots of people are joining gyms and trying to get into better shape.  My plan is not that extensive, yet.
Right before the end of 2011, I tore something in my right knee.  From all I have managed to gather from the symptoms it is probably a ligament are cartilage tear.  I managed to borrow a knee brace, because what I read on line is that taking it easy and letting nature take its course in six weeks I should be good as new.  So joining the gym, running on the treadmill, and especially deep knee bends are out of bounds for the time being.
No what I am talking about is more basic than just that.  When I sit down to write in the evening I generally do it sitting in the living room with my laptop on my lap.  Once and a while my wife comes in and joins me and watches television while write.  Usually this has never been a problem because I can drone out what senseless crap concerning completely fake over dramatic rich bitch wan-ta-be's, or girls getting married with extreme attitudes.  I generally refer to her selections of shows to watch that fall into this category as 'Bitch TV'.
Lately my wife has been watching this guy called Doctor OZ who has a show that deals with all sorts of common problems people have.  Some of the stuff is fade treatments, cosmetic treatments, weight loss, none of which I have a problem with or really care about.  The other stuff where he goes into what vitamins you should take, how much, what foods you should eat, and the big one that blew me away was when you should eat.  I have skipped breakfast for years!  He convinced me because I got drawn into one of the shows that I should eat something for breakfast every day.  I dawned on me that every other Saturday and every Sunday I get up and fix breakfast for the boys.  I generally feel better on those days partly because my body isn't waiting until two in the afternoon to eat.
So I am starting to eat breakfast, something every day.  My wife has a list of vitamins to get for me to add to the small arsenal of vitamins I all ready take, because I know I don't and have never eaten the proper foods.  The next move will be adding fruits and vegetables to my diet, and lastly forcing myself to eat salads until I don't mind eating them.  This will be hard, but it will ultimately become necessary and if I get myself used to it now, I might be healthy longer.  For some reason in spite of the terrible pain in the ass that I am, my wife wants to keep me around for as long as she can.  That's one of the many reasons I love her so.  That and that she helps me transition through these life changes and goes beyond the call of duty to make it easy for me.


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