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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Read It and Reap on Goodreads

Read It and Reap is a Book Reviewing Promotion that Goodreads dot com started this January!  The way it works is authors sign up on one thread and list their name, the title of their book, and their E-mail Address if they want to enter their book to be reviewed.  The Group Administrators contact you and find out how many copies of your book you would like to give away to be reviewed.  Then every Monday and Friday they offer a new book and the first to sign up get a free E-copy of the book to read for reviewing on Goodreads dot com.  So if an author says he is giving away five copies the first five who respond get the book!  Ten copies the first ten get them and so on.  Those who receive the copies have two weeks to read the book and post a review of the book on Goodreads to be eligible to continue participating and get more FREE books!
This is brilliant!  Readers Win because they potentially can have a NEW FREE book every two weeks for as long as this lasts!  Writers Win because they get reviews posted about their books which will hopefully entice other readers to purchase their book.  Goodreads Wins because more readers and authors are participating and working together for the mutual benefit of all parties concerned and their data base of books and reviews of said books grows every day.
Tomorrow, On Goodreads dot com my second novel, "No Rules Of Engagement", is the book being offered for FREE if somebody wishes to read and write a review of it.
If you are not a member of Goodreads dot com and you like to read books, are a aspiring author, or a new Indie Author immediately drop whatever you're doing and go sign up and become a member of Goodreads!  Seriously, Do it Now!  If you are a member and have looked at my books (there is only two of them), or even considered for a moment about purchasing my newest novel, here is your chance to get it for FREE!  For the multitude who have purchased 'Whisper' but were hesitant to drop a whole five dollars on a newbies second book, this is your chance to get it for free.  Look up the Group – Read It and Reap and tomorrow when they post my book is available for signing up to get a FREE copy to read for review, then seize the day and the BOOK!
Now don't just use this to get a FREE copy of the book!  Read it over the next two weeks and post a review of how awesome the book was and you will be eligible to sign up for another book Friday February 3rd or the following Monday February 6th.  Just wait until the next book comes along that flips your triggers and you can get it for FREE!
How flipp'in Cool is that?
Also I was invited sometime ago to do a guest post on the Blog of Karen L. Syed of Echelon Press.  It was a fun and eye opening experience, my second ever guest post on someone else's Blog, and I would love it if you would happen by and read the Post!


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