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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Book Review Of "The Best of Me" By Nicholas Sparks

Let me start with the fact that Nicholas Sparks is an extremely talented writer. I have stated before in my blog and publically that I hate Nicholas Sparks, not persoanlly, just his stories!

It is like being invited to watch a car wreck with your family members and not being able to do anything about it except witness and experience the carnage! Getting severely upset and emotional in a sad way is not what I consider entertainment. I think this guy owns stock in the Klennex company! Obvouisly some people like this type of tear gerking books because he keeps writing them and people keep buying them. I have to read at least one of his books a year for my book club and I read it under protest. You always know it it start out sweet and hopeful and the stuff fairy tales are made from and then he starts killing people. I believe he would kill his mother to sell a book. I wouldn't be suprised by the title of Mother Day where he does excactly that!!

He only achieves this because of the fact that he is an extremely talented writer and knows how to turn an epic tale. I truly loved one of his books where the guy and girl get together then I rushed out and got the sequel and the *&%^&*() killed her!! I have not been a fan since. As an author I would love to someday meet Mr. Sparks, and because of the ladies in book club I will keep reading his books if only to participate, but forever under protest.



France said...

If you have read any other books by Nicholas Sparks, then you will understand when I say "this book is another tease." the end keeps you thinking about life, but it's another one of those don't end on a good note books. Recommend to others who have enjoyed his books in the past.

Jeff Rivera said...

Nicholas Sparks might probably be one of the most talented love story writers by far. Especially with his books The Notebook, The Best of Me and The Lucky One. The Best of Me is probably one of his best books because it brings both tears and joy to a person. I've met him and his wife in Miami some time ago, they are good people. I like your blog, keep writing.

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