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Friday, January 20, 2012

Book Reviewers For "No Rules Of Engagement"

As I posted last night Goodreads dot com has been knocking themselves out with challenges, promotions, games, discussions, and so much more for readers and authors alike.

A group affectionately called Shut Up and Read, has been running this promotion Read It & Reap, where authors sign up to have their books reviewed.  Readers sign up to to review them and in turn get the books for FREE.
It's a WIN-WIN situation for all, absolutely Brilliant.

So today was my day, "No Rules Of Engagement" went up today with twenty books offered to give away to those who wanted to read it and review it.  I didn't think I would get twenty volunteers to read my book at the same time even with Goodreads having over six million members.  I told Tt the lady organizing and doing all the work to pull this promotion off that I would give away as many books as needed.

When I left work today at 5:00PM Central time nineteen had signed up, by the time I got home and settled hours later when I could sit down at my computer 21 had requested to get it and Bless Tt's heart she provided the FREE books to all 21.  One more than what I thought I wouldn't get to!

I am ecstatic, excited, and over joyed.  Twenty-one brave souls have agreed to read my novel at the same time.  Several have commented that they are excited to read the book.  I am excited for them because I know the journey intimately that they are about to undertake.  "No Rules Of Engagement" is only my second book, but it is far and away better in many respects to my first book.  The majority of the reviews I have gotten so far have been five out of five stars, very humbling for my second attempt as an author.

I am in a book club, followers of the blog have read about the Ladies of my Book Club numerous times.  Routinely when we read a book one or two of the eight of us will be ho hum about a book, one or two will love it.  Very seldom do we run across a book where everybody loves the same book.  That's with eight people.  Twenty-one readers, some of them will not like it, some will love it, some will be ho hum its an alright book.  If more than half to three quarters like to love it I will be overjoyed and humbled beyond belief.

The big trick for Indie Authors after everything involved with writing, re-writing, editing, cover art, and then self-publishing it is to get discovered.  With twenty-one people reading it and twenty-one reviews in two weeks, and if those that love it tell others about this great book they read, that will help get the word out.

Currently for those following along and interested I have been writing the sequels to both of my first two books.  I have done more work on the sequel to "No Rules Of Engagement" than I have on the sequel to "Whisper".  I am about half way through the rough draft of the sequel to NROE and according to Phillip Woody my biggest fan, Beta Reader, and the guy who came up with the name "No Rules Of Engagement" the sequel at halfway surpasses the first book.

I want to say thank you to the brave souls, the twenty-one who are venturing into the depths of my imagination and day dreams over the next two weeks.  Hang on you're in for one hell of a ride.


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