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Friday, May 20, 2011

Tunnel Vision and Hi cups

I posted last Saturday May 14, that I was working on Chapter 18 of my second book 'No Rules Of Engagement" and how I could see the end in sight of re-writing the rough draft.  Well as of last night I was still working on Chapter 18.  I decided I was going to finish Chapter 18 or I wasn't going to bed.  No Rest and I still had to go to work on Friday.

Work expands to the time allotted it.  I finished Chapter 18 at 1:30AM Today! 

I am barely reading anything, still in the middle of four books, keeping up with work and domestic duties around Wilson Castle.  Everything else I have is being spent, with every spare moment, working on finishing the re-write of my next book.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel but it is still dim.  I consider a whole week on one Chapter a Hi cup!  Productive!  But it still took longer than I think it should have.

We have set the deadline for publishing 'No Rules of Engagement' for September 11 of this year, and it is going to take every minute of it to bring everything in together at the same time, from finished manuscript, to cover art, and a finished book trailer.  I hope those who have read 'Whisper' are anxiously awaiting my second book.  It's a completely different story and beginning of another series I plan on doing at least three books with.  I know my Beta Readers are bugging me about when they might see something new, to critique.

If you haven't read 'Whisper' yet, please give it a try.   or you can also find it on Amazon dot com.

Other Great Reads are my Editors books,   Escape From Second Eden   Sacrificial Lamb
By J. L. Murphey - A truly inspired Story Teller.

One of my favorite authors in the whole world is coming out with the next book in his Sigma Force Series
James Rollins   "The Devil Colony"  I've already pre ordered it and will stop everything to read it when it's released.  I also just got his newest Young Adult Book - the second in the Jake Ransom Series! 

Happy Reading this summer!  May the wonderful authors take you to places beyond your imagination, to wrench your feelings and emotions, and re-ignite your passion for reading!!


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