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Monday, May 16, 2011

Trailer For Whisper

As I started this blog describing my journey through discoveries, up's and down's, and challenges of E-publishing my first book, Whisper!

Over the last several weeks I have talked about my literary angel. Her name is Jo Murphey and she has been helping teach me, edit my work, giving encouragement, and much much more. 

Have you ever met somebody who just gives and gives so unselfishly and helps so far and above the call of duty?  I have maybe once or twice in my forty-five years.  Jo Murphey is just such a person!!

Saturday night when I got the boys to bed, I came and sat down in my chair and just wanted to rest for a minute.  I was so tired and spent on so many levels, I went to sleep and slept until my wife woke me to goto bed.  I probably needed the rest.  Sunday night after eight when I got my next chance to turn my computer on I found that Jo, my literary angel and her friends made me a trailer for Whisper.

It is Awesome!  Just amazing, Wow, Totally Awesome!  Thank You Jo Murphey, my editor, my friend, my angel, for helping me make my dreams come true!!!

For those who want to see the trailer

Any one interested in the book after seeing the trailer

Thank You so much JO


J.L. Murphey said...

You are most welcome Thomas, from boredom springs creativity...not that I don't have other things to keep me busy or anything. LOL

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