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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Next Step

The Next Step for a Vacuum Ship

Every tank I have ever seen was made to hold stuff in.  We need to design enormous tanks designed to hold stuff out with engineered supports running through the interior of the tank to help make it crush proof.  I would also design the joints of the pieces making this giant tank so that when you apply pressure from the outside of the tank that it works to hold it together and make it stronger.  Cover it with Mylar and rubber to make it air tight before you use vacuum pumps to pump as much air as you possibly can out of the tank.

My research tells me we can easily attain 98% vacuum with today's technology.  At 92% vacuum it will surpass the buoyancy of Helium and around 94% you will surpass the buoyancy of Hydrogen.  If your tanks where say they size of the Hindenburg pre 1937, it would lift quite a bit.  But I actually envision five tanks together covered in an aluminium or carbon composite body for a hard shell as long as a World War II Battleship and four times as wide.  Designed primarily at first for hauling metal shipping containers.
More to come . . .


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