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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Container Freight

The initial idea of my vacuum ships came to me when I was thinking about how you could fly containers overseas in a 48 hour time period and then deliver them from the main landing and staging area within the U.S. during the remainder of that the week. 

Right now if I ordered tires from China they call a container company to bring an empty container to their place of business to load with tires. (1) When it's full the container company comes and gets the container and takes it to a rail yard where it is railed to the coast. (2) It is picked up at the rail yard and taken to the ship yard where it will be loaded on a container ship to be sailed to the United States. (3) It arrives in the U.S. and is unloaded to be taken to a rail yard. (4)  It is railed to Kansas City where it is taken off the rail to be trucked to us. (5)  A container company picks it up at the rail yard and brings it to our facility. (6)

This is a three month process with at least 6 different entities touching it at some point and each getting paid a piece of the shipping fee to move the box along it's way.  If you could deliver containers in one week at the same price it would totally take over the shipping industry.  Giant airships could fly them, easily.  Smaller airships could take a couple of boxes at a time from the primary loading or unloading place and fly them to the closest container truck company in the town nearest it point of delivery.

Blimps or Airships have several draw backs.
1.  The have a ceiling, an altitude that they can't get above.
2.  As they get higher and the pressure on the gas in the envelope that provides the buoyancy expands, they get to where they have to pump the gas into a holding tank or in most cases vent it so the envelopes don't burst from the pressure of the expanding gas.
3.  With soft to semi soft outside hulls they are limited by how fast they can fly.

Vacuum ships have advantages.
1.  Could conceivably get into outer space.  This would be the ideal place to build them with such large pieces and being able to maneuver them around in zero gravity and when the tanks are done they already have a vacuum in the tanks.
2.  With a hard outside shell it could fly very fast.
3.  Being lighter than air or even with a positive weight of just a few pounds a small sized engine could fly them very fast with very little fuel being used.
4.  If they ever did have a problem over the ocean all you have to do is vent air into the tanks and it will float.  It should really float with a vacuum in the tanks.
5.  They won't rupture from expanding gas.
6.  You don't have the added cost of millions of metric tons of gas having to be bought and pumped into it to make it buoyant.
7.  If they were designed with cabins designed to handle space they could be used as daily shuttles to bring crews, supplies, materials to space stations, factories, etc. that will float in space in a Geo synchronous orbits on a daily basis.
8.  Floating them at the edge of the atmosphere with telecommunications equipment in them and in line of sight with other ones around the globe everything in a cone shape from the ship to the ground should have cell coverage or wireless Internet.
9.  Of course we could take a lesson from our German Brothers and have one mother of a huge bomber.

I always imagined if I was rich to start a company in a strip mine with cranes stretching out over the top of it, building air ships then pumping the air out of them and flying them out.  Have a school near by where we train people to work as ground crew or other positions required for the flight crews of the ships.  As each ship is built have the FAA approve and inspect it and then start hauling freight with it.  When the freight company has a fleet of several thousand behemoths and double that in little ones, then we could start selling them to FED EX, UPS, USPS, Telecommunications companies, Casino's where a air ship could load up passengers and float around the city while people gamble, eat dinner, sit in the bottom observation lounge watching the city pass underneath them.  As a owner of the company when it is vacation time you could ride one of the air ships anywhere in the world for vacation.


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