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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hover Tanks

As I state in my bio of this and other e-media places, I should have been an Engineer.  When I got out of high school I took a test at the community college to see based on my knowledge and interests what I would be best suited for as a profession.  It came back with 22 types of engineering.  I ended up majoring in Frisbee besides what I had signed up for and after the first year and a half with an almost zero grade point average I thought my life might be better off in the Army.  This goes to show there is no bottom level of how stupid you can sink down to.  But I did learn a lot of stuff in the military and when I got back to college years later I had a 4.0 average, straight A's. 

I joined up with Armor because of the movie Kelly's Heroes, and the part Donald Sutherland played, the character named 'Odd Ball'.  He was a laid back happy lunatic of a tank commander!  While I was in the army there were some books by an author, David Drake, called Hammer's Slammers, where they were mercenaries who had Hover Tanks.  I was in tanks at that time in my life I when I read several of his books.   I remember asking other tankers if they would give up the armor for increased speed and mobility and the answer from all of them was 'Hell Yes.'  I remember one of my Sgt.'s even suggested painting them red or orange to help with the shock factor of seeing them appear so suddenly blasting away with their big guns.

In my next book 'No Rules Of Engagement' I feature the return of Hover Tanks, with Twin Main Guns coming out of the turrets and mini-chain guns mounted on the sides of the main guns.  Hover Tanks can be air dropped, come in over water, fly at over a hundred miles an hour and have the same punching power of their heavier brothers.  I feel an Army would still keep the main heavy Armor to still have something available that could literally drive through a building and then blow you off the face of the planet. 

There are more new weapons and vehicles in the book that I will post about between now and the time that the book comes out in September. 


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