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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Star Struck

I am not the kind of person who gets star struck or goo goo for personalities.  A few days ago I signed up with a website entitled Goodreads, and my favorite author James Rollins is a member on the that website.

Then I clicked on a link on twitter tonight that was tweeted by Mr. Rollins and it took me to an incredible trailer for his new book.  So I tweeted back to Mr. Rollins about how incredible I thought the trailer was and he tweeted back to me, and low and behold I noticed he is following me on twitter.

I am embarrassed to say but I had to yell for my wife and tell her that James Rollins is following me on twitter and responded back to me in a tweet!  I am slightly star struck at the moment!  He on some small level is aware of my existence and knows who I am.  I was touched.  That he even responded personally to me was incredible. 

Mr. Rollins is the only writer I am aware of that I have literally read everything he has released.  I came across his early books, when they first came out and I loved the creativity, that I felt like I learned something new with each one I read.  Each book took you somewhere exotic and amazing.  At the end of his later books he added some quirts that I really enjoyed.  One is he tells you what is true and what is made up, which continually shocks me.  He also lists the books he read to research that particular book.  I soon got in the habit of finding said books and reading them also, because I knew back then that someday I wanted to write books and I wanted to write in a style similar to what James Rollins does.  I was amazed at the books he read and from those books how he made the jumps and twisted the pieces around to come up with the incredible stories that he does.

I am a published author now, and will soon be presenting my second novel ever and my second one this year. 

Out in literally hours will be Mr. Rollins newest offering in his Sigma Series entitled Devil Colony.  I have already pre purchased it for my Kindle and can't wait to get it.  If you love reading and have any taste for intelligent, fast paced, action adventure novels please take my sincerest advice and give Mr. Rollins a try.

His books are awe inspiring, thought provoking, truly great reads!


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