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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Never Underestimate the Power of the Force

As a New Science Fiction Writer, and a History Buff Nerd, I feel it is only right to pay homage to George Lucas as "Star Wars" Premiered on May 25, 1977.  It is hard to believe that was 34 years ago.  As I think back to the Iconic Movie and the characters which almost everyone on the planet is familiar with to some degree.  Most everybody knows at least what you mean if you warn against the Dark side, or to be a Jedi Knight.  My three year old son knows about light sabers and is usually a Pirate or a Jedi Knight depending upon the day.
As I am, and have been working on re-writing and polishing my second book I can't help wonder if Mr. George Lucas had any inkling of what Star Wars was going to become when he was still in the writing stages of the project.  Star Wars was Episode IV, A New Hope, part of six movies he had planned.
In 1977, "Star Wars", surpassed "Jaws", and became the highest grossing film to date.  It later received 10 Academy Award Nominations or which the film won 6 of those.  As a writer I could only hope one of my books is chosen to be made into a major motion picture.  You could pray that in thirty years most of the planet knows who your major characters are because they are icons of your genre.
Congratulations George Lucas!  Job Well Done!  I like that the standard in this genre has been set high and followed through on, to where not just one, but six block busters from the same story!   
Of course these days the big movie makers don't have the balls to make new movies while there are still old canceled television series to be regurgitated, Hang over number 6, scary movie number 38, or Halloween 42, or Saw 20.
Off the top of my head I can think of several awesome books I have read in the last few years that would be block buster movies and redefine and set new standards in film making for the next few years.  It's a shame when those at the top who have made money are so afraid of losing what they have that they can't step out of their safe zone and do something extra ordinary.  But alas they will never break records the way that they used to because they don't read books and they have no clue of what is out there.  Oh Yeah, and the extreme lack of balls.
I warn everybody under the Intro of the Blog about occasional rants!  You were warned!


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