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Monday, April 4, 2011

About The Reposts

A Gentleman asked about my previous posts because I think he may be working to put something together to help artists, writers, editors, and trailer makers get hooked and matched together for collaborated efforts on Books, book covers, book trailers, where everybody could work on the parts they enjoy the most and want to do anyway.  If we could get these areas brought together for more professional self published books, or Indie Authors then we would have everything the big publishing houses offer, as a collaborative effort. 

Everybody involved in the process helps promote the books because the more that sell the sooner everybody gets paid for their portion of the book.  When the editor, Artist, and trailer maker are paid for their portions then the rest of the royalties go to to the author from then on out.  If the artists, editors, and trailer makers were really smart they would start off working really cheap and only raise their prices when they have too much work and increase their price incrementally until the level of work levels off to where they want to be. 

Obviously a lot of this depends on talent and expectations of everybody involved.  There are some writers that no how polished you make their stuff, nobody is going to buy it.  Some artists who will still starve even in a overflowing market of writers needing art work for book covers.  Trailer makers who nobody is going to watch the whole thirty seconds even if it was free.  Then again there are some many types of books, movies to be made, and types and styles of art work that there is somebody for everybody.  The trick is finding the right mix.  Editors is the tough part because it takes an OCD type person, who is honest and is basically telling people that their babies are ugly but describing how they are ugly.  I can't imagine they ever get paid enough to put up with the stuff they have to.  NO GROUP in the world has ever needed another GROUP as Independent authors need EDITORS!!!! 

If the changes in the publishing industry are going to take place, that all us who are self publishing want to see happen and change, we need to clean and polish up our work and make it Professional, or we are never going to be taken seriously, by readers, publishers, or the world in general.  If you think editors and publishers are harsh, the reading community will tear you a new one if your writing trash.  I have been very rudely dealt with for responding to a post in a discussion and not spell checking it.  Readers ultimately catch and see every mistake.  It is our dues as being writers to constantly strive to better our mastery of the craft of writing if for no other reason than to stop the degradation of the English language for future generations.


J.L. Murphey said...

Thomas great post! I agree Indies need to stick together and help each other.

The one thing you did not cover that the Big 6 have is distribution and marketing. Social marketing is still in its infancy. It's great if you write a fabulous book, spotless editing, a awe-inspiring cover, and a miraculous book trailer...but if you do not have the marketing nailed down...who's gonna know?

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