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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bonding with the Boys

I have not posted for a bit because I have been on full time domestic duties. 

My wife went to a woman's conference in Illinois with a bunch of ladies from our church.  I got to stay home and take care of the boys.  It was a learning experience, bonding experience, wonderful and exhausting all in one.  We took the kitchen chairs and brought them into the living room and covered them with about every blanket in the house.  It was a fort in the living room that both boys could get inside and stand up and walk around in.  They could sneak out in through numerous tunnels leading to the outside.   Daddy climbed into the fort and joined the fight against an army of pirates and a bunch of fire breathing dragons.  We fought long and hard and after a lunch break we all had to take a long nap. 

We watched the scary batman movie and then lightened things up with the new movie Tangled. 
I think everybody is happy mommy is home.  I am looking forward to getting back to work where I have a schedule and can get some reading and writing done.  It was busy, scary, loving, fun and an experience I am looking forward to doing again.  It will get easier as they get older.  I am looking forward to being able to pack them up with sleeping bags, tent, and meager supplies and go camping for a weekend together.  Need to get them both potty trained first. 

I went to the doctors Thursday just before I got home and mommy left for two days.  I had an upper respiratory infection and started antibiotics that first night alone with the boys.  My daughter who is much older than her brothers said I looked like death warmed over,I went to bed Thursday night by 10, about two hours after the boys,  Feeling better tonight, but still not recovered.  I managed with the kids, doing bedding, clothes, and dishes and feeding, washing, dressing and taking care of two vibrant active boys.  I feel proud of my accomplishment.  I do feel closer to the boys after all is said and done. 


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