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Friday, April 29, 2011

Results of Search Engine Test

On Feb. 21st of 2011 I conducted experiment by creating a post Titled "FREE NUDE PICTURES."

When you have a Blog such as this you have a DASHBOARD where there are tabs at the top
Posting   Comments   Settings    Design   Monetize    Stats

Under the Stats Tab there are further options which allow you to see where searches came from, how many people from different countries viewed your blog, which posts they viewed, and how many hits came in at different times through out the day.

It has become apparent that after a certain hour which is very late in some overseas countries that this experimental post is attracting repeated attention.  With doing some math at the number of posts being looked at compared to the number of hits to my blog some of the visitors are looking at more than one particular post, which is great, that's what is supposed to happen.  I have figured out that those attracted to the particular test posting are either curious or looking for the results of their search with out actually reading the post!!! 

I at least know if I just wanted to get my traffic numbers up for the case of attracting more attention all I would need to do is put suggestive labels on different posts for about a month and I am sure my traffic numbers would go through the roof.  The problem with that is the same as actually do bad things, you attract the wrong kind of attention.  I would rather my numbers where up because I was in contention for beating the record of the most books on the New York Best Sellers List at one time.  I believe the current record to beat is seven at one time.  I can't imagine unless the books were just extremely popular or he was sandbagging and released several books in a short period of time.


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