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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Indie Author Lounge

A NEW Website to list books for Independent Authors or Indie Authors!

I just listed Whisper!  It's was fun I haven't done anything promotional at all in over a week, and I re-submitted my book to a Website offering it for free until May 10th.

and Listed Whisper at

Note to Self . . Make a list of all places where you have listing of your book or that does Reviews and Interviews of Indie Authors so you can utilize them again when you publish your second book.

Which by the way is Re writing the same as Editing?  I dunno! 
"No Rules Of Engagement" is getting re written and polished.  I like the newer version of it much better, it will be a faster read.  As if my stuff is ever going to be slow or tedious to begin with.  I have to share that it is frustrating how long the process takes and how much time I have to spend doing so many other things instead of writing, I hate the editing and proofing process, but I realize it is the price you pay ( Your Dues ) to be a professional Writer.  Which is really the end result of my dream.  I don't want to be a hack with 40 crap books in 20 years.  By the same token I don't want to get to the end with tons of stuff that never left my head and written because I wasted 15 years reproofing good stories.  I want them to be as good as I can make them, but in a reasonable amount of time so I can move on.  Readers will already notice a huge difference in my writing ability from book one to book two, but only if I ever get book two finished and published.

Sorry for the rant, but if your reading this as a author, looking for advise and knowledge and inspiration, realize now this is a frustrating, slow and tasking business to be in. 


J.L. Murphey said...

I know how tedious editing can be. It seems like a never ending process, but it does end. The big questions are... you happy with the changes you are making and learning how not to make the same mistakes again. Those are two biggies.

As time goes on, editing becomes easier because you aren't making those same mistakes again WHILE writing the first draft...unless you like me, spend an inordinate time editing mine and others works. It is almost 2hours to 1 hour spent editing, which BTW I do not like doing's just something I'm good at.

Thomas, you will get book 2 finished and 3,4,5,6+. It takes time and patience. You didn't write it in a day- you won't edit in a day.

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