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Monday, April 4, 2011


I Have An Idea Reposted From March 15, 2011

I think Craig Thompson and the Artist's Internet Cafe may be trying to create a Cooperate Service For Writers, Artists, Fim Makers, Editors, and anybody else who wants to join in and help!!!

I think somebody needs to create a group within Linkedin, Facebook, Writer's Digest, or one of these platforms, to bring together the following:

New Beginning Self Published Authors – who need Art work (Book Covers), and short movie clips (Trailers) for their books.

Artists wanting to get their name out and get requests for Artwork, doing cover art for books.

Budding Film Makers to make short trailers for books.

Each in their own right is a creative enterprise.  Everybody wants to make money.  Everybody needs to get established, get their name out into the world.

We need a place where these three groups can work together for next to no monetary gain at the outset.
Obviously when any member of this group gets somewhat established and some degree of success then they can pay more for said services or charge more for said services.

The more professional an Authors book looks on a web site ( COVER ART ), and if it has a creative catching trailer that gets customers to purchase the book, then they will sell more books, make more of a name for themselves.

The more work an Artist has, then they can raise their prices slightly from Free to $20-30 dollars for a piece of Cover art. 

The more work a movie maker has the higher they can set their price.

Maybe start everybody joining the sight at FREE and Tier One, and each time an Author uses a piece of Cover Art, or a movie clip, made to order, it jumps him up a tier with each book he publishes.  With each piece of work an Artist gives away, it moves them up a tier to $10 dollars for the next piece they commission.  Same with Movie people.  Do Ten pieces you have made you have made $450.00 and can legitimately commission your work for $100.00 or more a piece, but by this time your established, you have a track record of 10 books you have Illustrated the cover art for or Ten Movie Trailers for Books. 

Each Persons Profile will show their work.  Authors – books
   And What Tier they are in.                        Artists – Covers Published
   Contact information for Person                 Movie Makers – Trailers

To start with, at tier one through ten; the Author must list the Artist and Movie maker in the Copyright page in the front of their Book.  Where ever they are promoting their book they must mention by name the Artist and the Movie maker. Whenever possible promote or publish a link to Artists and Movie Makers Platform.

As each person graduates Tier Ten they are on their own.  The Website or Platform puts them on a Wall of Success as having progressed through the Tiers and established.  If any of these three groups cannot progress through the ten levels successfully they maybe should reconsider their objectives.

I Don't want to create or run this kind of a service, but I honestly believe it would be a beneficial service to all three categories.  I want to write.  I am an Artist and could do my own art work, but I would rather use the time to get another book ready to be published.  The Authors could distribute rough drafts of their books to the Artists and Movie makers to read to get a feel for the piece they are trying to create that would be right for the book.  I realize this would require a lot of trust on the part of all three groups to not steal or take advantage of each other through this process.  I have done my first book with Smashwords dot com and Mark Coker the creator of Smashwords has operated the site on a trust basis and I believe it is doing extremely well.  There will be instances of miss understandings and miss use but those people could easily be removed and blocked from the platform as well as maybe even a page where dis respectful behavior is noted and certain people to avoid contact with.  Somebody with a lot more intelligence than me would have to work that out and write the appropriate language to facilitate that aspect of the platform.  

It is an idea.  I will post a link to my blog on a few of the places where I am making connections and contacts through the writers communities.  We can only wait to see if some enterprising computer savvy person steps up to the challenge.


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