Monday, July 9, 2012

A Breed Apart

There was a collection of actors who served in World War II who were the icons of the old movies I watched through the years of my life that epitomized what it is to be a real man.  Lee Marvin, Jimmy Stewart, and men like Ernest Borgnine were actors but they were role models also.  The movies and the characters they portrayed helped shaped a generation.  They were men of a different breed, a breed apart.  They were part of World War II and that scary, hard, and glorious part of world’s history and they survived to go on and become actors in some the best films ever.

We lost one of the last of the icons this last weekend.
Ernest Borgnine, (January 24, 1917 – July 8, 2012)  Ninety-five years young.
Best known for his infectious smile and the gap between his front teeth, he entertained the world in many various formats from movies, television, voice overs for cartoon characters and much more.  I remembered seeing him in one of the last seasons of the television show ER and it pained me that many of the people who saw the show wouldn’t realize they were seeing on of Hollywood’s Greats, he was nominated for several Emmy’s for those ER performances.
He won an Oscar for his 1955 role in the movie “Marty” for Best Actor.  I will always remember him as the General in “The Dirty Dozen” in 1967 with Lee Marvin.  He also played in the following awesome movies:
Ice Station Zebra
Emperor of the North
From Here to Eternity
The Poseidon Adventure
And one of my favorites the Wild Bunch with William Holden.
I will always remember him along with the Greats of Hollywood’s!


TJ Hooker said...

The latest movie he played in was a Bruce Willis flick called RED. You may enjoy that one as well. It is a hoot.

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