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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Design & Build Giant Airships

If you could do whatever you wanted to do. (Continued)

I would find a large abandoned strip mine.  Essentially a strip mine is a giant hole in the ground where for years a company just removed the earth and harvested what they want from the dirt.
I would build a large structure over one end or a section of the mine for the purpose of covering it as well as installing large cranes that would be attached to rails to move in two directions, across the length of the structure as well as across the width of the clover.
We would use this structure to build giant hard shelled airships.  Initially I want to build giant airships with five really large tanks approximately 900 feet long with a diameter of 360 feet in the middle that tapers to a smaller oval shapes at the end of the tanks.  The entire structure would be covered with a hard aluminum shell shaped in a aerodynamic design.
The tanks within the airship structure will be built and reinforced from the inside out with outer shell parts of the tank designed so that as the external pressure builds on the outside of the tank it pushes pieces together tighter and helps to seal and strengthen the entire structure.  Lastly we would spray the entire tank structure with a rubberized pliable air tight coating.
Somewhere in the ships will be a series of vacuum pumps in order to pump out a smaller vacuum tank that will control the primary ballast of the overall craft.  The difference of this tank being full of air would mean the craft would weigh several hundred pounds and when the tank was empty and at 95% vacuum the ship would be lighter than air, or buoyant!  Each ship would have small jet engines which really would look quite silly for such a large craft but it is all that would be needed for a lighter-than-air craft that essentially would float upward and coast with the wind like a cloud unless powered to do something different.
I would build the first ones to be designed to haul freight containers and arrange to fly empty containers overseas until we can build the contacts and arrangements to fly container freight from overseas into the United States.  I envision creating a an enormous landing zone between Kansas City, Missouri and Omaha, Nebraska alongside Interstate I-29 for the unloading of the these enormous airships for container freight.
We would build a school to train pilots and crews to fly and operate the aspects of the airships and hire the best of the students who graduate our classes.  After our initial fleet is created for hauling container freight we would sell surplus ships to companies like FED EX, UPS, USPS, and the military.  Later we would build passenger ship versions for flying general freight and passengers to various other countries of the world.  I envision seeing towers on top of parking garages where people could board a large airship for a two hour flight around a city to enjoy gambling, a five star seven course dinner, or drink and enjoy the view out of the bottom of the ship which will be designed as a observation lounge.
Where I went a few weeks ago on vacation in the Yucatan peninsula they could build a tower onto one of the resorts and load up a airship to fly people around to the different Mayan archaeological sites and other sites of interest in a slow moving air conditioned airship where you could provide lunch, entertainment, sightseeing with tour guides explaining the significance of what your viewing below.
Ultimately other uses of these these airships could be to provide communications centers tethered over major cities to take the place of cell towers.  These would have line of sight contact with each other and each one could provide cell coverage for a cone of area under the communication ships.
If the ships were made with seal able cabins, thrusters, and the means of safely coming back into the atmosphere you could easily use them to transport large quantities of stuff repeatedly into outer space.  The building of large space stations, capable of building large space ships, or even building the large airships in the vacuum of space would be very feasible.
Combined where one company is building airships, a school is training flight crews and associated workers for the ships.  A shipping company is buying the ships and growing the container freight company moving freight from door to door for the same price as today just within a week instead of weeks.  Selling ships to other companies.  Building restaurants, casinos, and other entertainment versions of the ships.  Finding unique opportunities for tourism like the Grand Canyon and the multitude of other places where slow viewing from above would be magnificent.  Lastly the holding company would have a airline to use for company services like nobody else would have to transport their people anywhere they needed or wanted to go on the planet for business or recreation.

Like I said yesterday, if you are going to dream – DREAM BIG!

Has this post spurred any creative ideas?

Of all these posts have you had any inklings of what you what to start, build, work at?

If you could do anything you want what would you do?


Thomas Perrin said...

I have written a fictional (fantasy) story about an airship adventure. I would like to use one of your pictures at the heading of the story. Who do I have to contact to get permission to use the picture? Please advise. Thanks.

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