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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Start and Build a Holding Company

If you could do whatever you wanted to do. (Continued)

A Holding Company is a company or firm that owns other companies.  Holding companies allow the reduction of risk for the owners and can allow the ownership and control of a number of different companies.
The reason for the holding company is to place people whose dreams to own and run particular types of businesses into those positions and construct a network of companies to provide for the needs of company employees through out the entire organization.
Company One – the Manufacturing Company mentioned in yesterdays post.
Company Two – A car dealership that deals in new and used vehicles.
            To provide company cars for members of management throughout the entire organization.  Also to provide low cost purchase or lease options for all company employees.
Company Three – A partnership with a medium sized independent family practice doctors office.  To provide health care options directly with a medical facility outside of a insurance carrier or Health care insurance program.  This company will also do the drug testing for the employment agency listed as Company Six.

Company Four – A construction company.  To do construction work on company buildings, remodeling, or general repair work.
            To build homes for employees.
Company Five – A Mortgage company/Finance company.  To provide company assisted/employee mortgage options for employees to cheaply afford new homes built by the companies construction company.  Also to provide company assisted/employee lines of credit for things like swimming pools, recreational equipment, or school loans.
            This company will work with the car dealership to help provide finance options for buying or leasing the cars.
Company Six – A employment agency.  To find people and help match them to the jobs they may be best suited for within the multitude of positions available within the organizations companies.
Company Seven – A Travel Agency.  To provide low cost vacations for regular employees so everybody can go somewhere and a nice vacation at least once a year with their family.
            To assist with more elaborate and exotic vacation options for management members and specialists within the overall organization.
Company Eight – A automotive and tire shop.  To provide maintenance service for company vehicles, tire repairs, new tires, and road side assistance.
Together these companies and many more will seek to provide for the needs of the employees.  To work for a company that strives to put the needs of the employees first and foremost as if they were as important as the customers the companies serve.  I know this is totally opposite of the way that most companies are set up and run.
Imagine if you worked for a company that paid you really well but also provided a means to get into a house at a fraction of the cost that the normal process would allow.  They also provided a low cost means of getting into a new car or two for your family.  They would help with financial solutions to provide a line of credit to afford and have nice things now instead of dreaming about affording them someday in the future.  The company would make sure you and your family were able to afford and get away for a nice vacation somewhere each year to relax and recharge your system and creativity.
What would you do for a company like this?
Would you give them your very best in every way you could?
Share ideas to make the place better?
Come in early, stay late, work at home where possible?
If you knew the company cared about you and your families well being as much or more than it’s own bottom line – how would feel about the company?
Would you want to work for a place like this?
What other companies could benefit this organization?
If you could do anything you wanted, what would you do?
What ideas have you thought about concerning your dream job?
The company you would start?
The dream you have for your future?


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