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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Are You Lost?

Are You Lost?

Are you un-happy?

Do you ever feel trapped?  Ever feel like other people are controlling you?
Do you feel lonely?

Like most days it’s just you against the world?  Like you have nobody to talk to about your problems?  Nobody understands what you’re going through?
I have done a series of blog posts about, What is your Reality?  And most recently a short series about if you could do whatever you wanted.

If you haven’t read those posts you should really check them out.  Until you determine what your perception of reality is, and what you think you would enjoy doing with this wonderful thing known as life, you don’t know where you are at or where you want to go!
Let’s face it – You’re LOST!
If you were about to start an adventure and go somewhere that you have never been to before you would have to know where you are starting from in order to get directions to where you are headed.  Obviously we all know where we are right now.  But until you determine what your perception of the reality of the world right now, you really don’t know where you are at in that reality.  So effectively you don’t know where you are at all.  You’re all the things listed above and lost at the same time.
If we are lost we must focus on finding ourselves, finding out about ourselves, and what our perceptions of the world are.  Are the assumptions we make daily about the world correct?  Is the world really that way or is it just the way we feel it is?
Are you LOST?
Our perception of the world starts being created when we are children.  It grows as our knowledge increases, as we interact with other people, and interpret the environments we are exposed to.  If you grew up in a ghetto, or slum your perceptions of the world would be different than those of somebody who grew up in a suburb or out in the country.  Just as if you were raised in a country that experienced actual warfare going on in the streets or a revolution your perceptions of the world would be radically different from any of the previously mentioned environments.  Where we come from, our families back ground, our education and exposure with the world at large determines what we believe and don’t believe.
Many people carry senseless, useless, inherently incorrect assumptions about the world and the people in it.  Does that make their perception any less real for them?  Most people have no idea which perceptions are not accurate and which ones are.  So to believe that a given assumption is wrong or much less the idea that simply by changing your mind about the assumption can change your entire outlook and perception of the world you live in every day.
Let me re-state that last part as it is HUGE!  You can simply change your mind about your assumptions and it can transform the world you perceive you inhabit.  Your perceptions, your thoughts, your ideas, define you, the world you perceive, and define your life.  Simply by changing your mind, deciding to look at things differently you can change your situation.
Until we examine what we believe, why we believe, evaluate our very perceptions of the world that we live in, we don’t truly have a clue of where we are, what our true situation is, and what our potential to change things about ourselves, our beliefs, and our world.  It’s all up to you.  It’s all starts in your head with your beliefs and disbelief's.
My next post will assume we have taken time and evaluated what we believe about everything in the world.  It will assume you have evaluated your perceptions and have a true grasp of where you are, who you are, and explore the possibilities of what adventure do you choose for yourself.  Where would you like to be?  What would you like to do if you could do whatever you wanted?
In following posts we will explore how we map out where we are, where we want to go and decide on a path to take us in that direction.
Now might be a good time to read my other related posts if you haven’t read them already.  If you have read this post this far then your interest has been piqued by something.  Go ahead.  Take a leap.  Imagine the possibilities.  It’s free.  It could transform your life in ways you can’t begin to imagine.  So play along.  Click on the links, free your mind, question everything you believe about the world.  Oh, and come back later for my next posts, this only gets better the further down the rabbit hole you decide to go.  No we are not in a Matrix!
What is your perception of Reality?

If you could do whatever you want!  These are my ideas of whatever!
As you read these, free your mind and spirit and dream your dreams.  Maybe type them into the blog as a comment.  Write them down!
#1 What if you won the Lottery?
#2 A manufacturing company.
#3 Start and Build a Holding Company
#4 Design and Build Giant Airships
#5 Buoyancy, Solar Arrays and Oil Pipelines
#6 Finding your Passion in Life



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