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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Finding Your Passion in Life

For the past several days I have been doing posts about what would you do if you could do anything you wanted to do?  The purpose of this mental exercise is to explore yourself, your wants and desires to find out what you would LOVE to do, if you could do whatever you wanted.
Passion about something can come in many forms.  You can have more than one passion.  You can be passionate about all kinds of things.  I know many people who narrow mindedly would say that your religion should be your passion, and to have anything else as your passion is taking away from your religion.  I disagree with this because unless you’re an evangelist or have your own church, your religion doesn't provide a living, pay the bills, or help you achieve the things you want to achieve out of life.
I should state that because I have been calling it PASSION, it could be what do you LOVE to do?  I have even been hinting about what aspects of your personal nature, the things you do naturally every day without people watching you, and without getting paid for it.  These things could lead you to what your special gift, special talent, or passion might be.  In my case my true passion isn't any of the things that I have mentioned previously in the posts over the last few days.  If I had money and could do whatever I wanted, I could make money and have a wonderful time working at any of those endeavors.  As I am not wealthy or a business SHARK, I have no more of a chance of accomplishing any of those as I would becoming a pilot, or playing golf on a regular basis, because I can’t afford it.  Who knows maybe some super rich entrepreneur will read one of my previous posts and decide to hire me to do one of those things because I am passionate about the ideas?
My true passion in life is writing!
I remember way, way back when I was in school working on my Associates Degree, I dreaded taking English 101 and 102.  Successful completion of these two classes is required for the degree and English, Vocabulary, and Spelling had always been the hardest subjects for me in school.  The idea of becoming a writer for a living was the furthest thing from my mind.
The first paper I turned in for English 101, the College Professor came into class the next day and asked who Thomas Wilson was and then asked to see me in the hallway privately.  I thought for sure this is where my college career was over as I was about to get thrown out for having such horrible English skills.
She explained to me in the hallway that she wish she had met me thirty years ago when she started teaching English and that she had my paper.  She said she had never seen a paper where a student made almost every mistake possible all in the same paper.  She excitedly asked permission to use my paper to instruct the class as to what not to do in a paper!  I agreed as long as she wasn't kicking me out of school.  I was embarrassed but thankful just the same that I got to remain in her class and have a chance to attempt to make a grade.
Lastly before we went back into the class she told me something that at the time fell on deaf ears.  She said that in spite of my horrible English that my paper was very intriguing and that with a really good editor I had the makings of a great writer.  Like I said with my current thoughts about thinking I was about to get thrown out and hearing I just made every mistake in the book and how my paper was about to become class room exhibit number one, her statement fell on deaf ears.  I remember what she said but I never gave it another thought for years to come.  She was the second English teacher to make such a comment to me.  As much as I tried the rules and understanding of English and Grammar escaped my comprehension.
The reason I am going through all this, is IF you can find your passion.  Your special gift that comes about naturally, or as in writing for me that you have to work at daily to become better at it and continually hone your skills.  When you find this elusive magical thing it changes everything!  You will not have enough hours in the day to do all that you want to do.  You will work harder at the things you have to do in order to get back to that thing that you love doing.  Your enthusiasm and love for your new passion will permeate every aspect of your life making it a richer more meaningful life.  You will hop out of bed in the morning because you can’t wait to get started with your new day.  Each day knowing you’re doing some small thing and inching towards your goal and dreams.
A couple of points to remember along the way.
1.  Write your goals down somewhere.  This takes them from thoughts and ideas and puts them in the real world, concrete that you can see and touch.  Maybe hang them somewhere you can see them every day to inspire you.
2.  Success is the journey to our goals, not the completion of goals or reaching a destination.  If I hit the New York best sellers list it is a goal along the path, not the end of the journey.  If Christopher Nolan calls me and says he has to turn one of my books into the next best thing since the Dark Knight Series of movies, it is a step along the path.  (A HUGE STEP.)
3.  When you pray, pray prayers of thankfulness for the things you have.  I find praying a thankful prayer puts me in a thankful mood for what I do have instead of focusing on what I think I need and don’t have.  If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans!
If you have read any of these posts and still haven’t figured out what you want to do in life, or what makes you happy, then I ask you to go back to the first one. (insert link to first post of the series here.)
Read along with a pencil and paper and make notes of the ideas you get for yourself.  Things that come to mind you would like to do.  Think HUGE, be crazy, and be FREE.  Have fun with it as a mental exercise, an escape for a moment into your imagination.  Take notes.
Maybe share a comment or your thoughts, ask questions, reach out to others as you take a chance at thinking liberating thoughts about what you want out of life!  For many people they are afraid to actually think the thoughts, to think of what they really want, to imagine being free to do what they want to do!  It’s alright really.  It’s fun, exciting, and could very well change your life and lead to a path that makes your dreams come true.


Edt333 said...

With the right resources.... I would open an art studio workshop in an awesome house I bought just a bit in the country. Close enough to the city for galleries, but far enough away to have quiet.

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