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Monday, February 14, 2011


E-Published on Amazon - showed up Saturday, had to make minor changes and re-submit, fixed version showed up Monday.

Finally heard back on Manual Review from Smashwords.
Cover art needed cropped and re downloaded.
Had to take the quotes off from around Title.
Had to take out indents and use center function on cover page.
Some what minor changes compared to all that could have been wrong with it.  I have to wait for it to be reconverted and then re-submit to manual review and wait again.
Still way faster than traditional publishing.  With traditional publishing I would be fighting with query letters and trying to figure out which agents trash cans I want to line those with.

Since I began trying to build a social network to spread the word that I wrote a book and asking people to read it for free and write a review of it.
1.  I spend most of my evening time checking face book, e-mails, twitter, etc. trying to be social.
2.  So my wife got me an IPhone which will coordinate all of these functions so I can stay up with them through the day so at night I can get to work and edit, or write.
3.  I have realized I am not a naturally social person, unless of course it is a total stranger and I can speak up to anyone.  To people I know and people who think they know me, well not so much... That's really kind of funny.  I am amazed at my new phone, miss my old keyboard, this one has a digital keyboard and I spend more time backing up than typing on the phone.


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