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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Published on Amazon dot com

My book is on Amazon dot com at the follow address
Search for Whisper by Thomas Wilson

It comes up displaying: By Thomas Wilson and Lavon Blake, because I listed Lavon Blake as my editor.  Also the cover art looks stretched and too long even though I made it exactly to Amazon's criteria of 500x1200 pixels.  Next time I will use the same Cover Art format I used for Smashwords.  The important thing is it isn't pretty or perfect but it is out there for the world to see, try, download, read and hopefully begin a loyal following.  I need to see if I can adjust the cover art and get my editors name off the: By part without totally un-publishing and republishing the book.

Again this is a process, and I am learning.  Not the most exciting Blog Post in the world but hopefully some new author somewhere reads this before they make these initial steps and it helps them with knowledge, understanding and courage to make the leap.


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